Finding housing for your nomadic workforce can be simplified with the right housing strategy. Travelers Haven’s CEO, Carlos Abisambra, breaks down four critical elements of housing and tips for employers to avoid employee disengagement and potential turnover.

  1. Turn to the Experts: Navigating this housing market is no easy feat. Contracting with a third-party organization can save you on rental costs and headaches and provide more opportunities than what your HR staff would typically find hunting on their own.
  2. Be Proactive: Prepare for your housing needs early on. As soon as you hear about an upcoming project, begin drafting your housing plan and connect with your third-party partner!
  3. Be Transparent with your Travelers: Alignment early on about what costs are covered is key to employee happiness. No one wants to be stuck footing the bill they’re unprepared for!
  4. Understand their Housing Needs: Again, alignment early on is essential. Find out what is most important to them – is it the commute to work, proximity to local shops, or a spacious floorplan with dedicated office space? Keep an open line of communication flowing with your travelers throughout the entire housing experience.

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