What is Workforce Housing?

There’s a meaningful segment of our labor force that’s nomadic in nature. That need is growing for these nomadic essential workers.

Major construction jobs are on the rise. Traveling healthcare contractors are in high demand. Disaster relief is becoming a growing need. They all need a place to stay to do their important work, but corporate housing, hotels, and vacation rentals are not the best fit for them. This has created a workforce housing gap.

The nomadic workforce needs the type of housing that’s safe, comfortable, within budget, and hassle-free.

Travelers Haven by Blueground has stepped up to meet the need for workforce housing.

Workforces We Serve

Healthcare Contractors

Healthcare Contractors

Travelers Haven helps traveling nurses, doctors, and technicians secure a home away from home with bundled billing and custom furnishings, customized to their unique needs and within budget. Travel healthcare professionals are constantly on the go. Travelers Haven secures short-term housing that fits their needs for their nomadic assignments.



Specialized construction crews and their leaders work long hours doing hard work and need the comforts of home when the work of the day is done. Housing should not be a burden these teams must carry.

Sports and Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment

Save the team’s energy for the field, court, film set, or studio and let them relax in a comfortable home during their off-hours. We secure corporate housing for professionals in the sports and entertainment industries, taking the hassle out of managing the accommodations.

Military and Government

Military and Government

Military relocation orders do not offer a lot of time to figure out housing when there's a change of duty station. Temporary housing solutions that are close to the bases, within per-diems, quick, and easy is crucial. Housing on-demand is the perfect solution. Plus, we waive fees for military personnel to avoid out of pocket expense.



When relocating, people don’t want to have to worry about finding temporary housing or whether the corporate apartment will be reliable. With Travelers Haven, our team manages the process every step of the way, taking care of the details and vetting each property to ensure it's the best fit.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Recovering from a natural disaster is already stressful for everyone involved - displaced residents, first responders, and others providing on-the-ground support have more on their mind than temporary lodging. Travelers Haven makes this path a little easier by securing safe and comfortable temporary housing.

What makes Workforce Housing On-Demand unique?

Housing Needs for the Nomadic Workforce

Healthcare, construction, military, and other industries requiring temporary lodging, we have housing that meet the following criteria:

  • Affordable
  • Move-in ready
  • Customized

Every traveler and group of travelers have different needs and should be given better options than cookie-cutter amenities, utilities, and rental durations. Flexibility of on-demand housing can make housing more like home and more affordable.

A last-minute move has enough details that must be ironed out. Travelers Haven’s Workforce Housing On-Demand model provides a seamless experience, from finding housing to moving in and beyond to reduce the headache.

Housing Anywhere in the Country

Housing on-demand means virtually limitless inventory options. Whether it’s a big city, mid-sized town, or tiny village, Travelers Haven can find a housing solution. This model not only enables us to offer housing anywhere in the country, it also gives us the flexibility to customize the housing to fit various needs and provides a more affordable selection without sacrificing quality.

While corporate housing can offer stays for monthly periods, they are often very limited in location, typically covering major metros in city centers. Housing on-demand can go anywhere, including specific neighborhoods within the city to keep guests close to their work or other neighborhoods they desire to live.

Better for Monthly Stays

Hotels and vacation rentals can offer more variety of locations than corporate housing, but they are not meant to house people for months at a time. They are meant for vacationing and short visits, so lack the proper amenities and often cost more over time.

When staying in hotels long term, not only is it uncomfortable with a lack of common living amenities such as a kitchen or separated bedrooms, they will often ask guests to move from room to room if staying for weeks or months.

Vacation rentals may offer more in the way of in-home amenities, but availability and price get very tricky, especially in popular vacation destinations. And the problem will still exist outside of popular dentations as inventory will be limited. Plus, in a vacation rental, guests are living with other peoples’ things for months at a time which doesn’t feel like home.

Customized Stays

The on-demand model lends itself to customization. Each unit is set up uniquely for the request, meaning Travelers Haven can select the furniture, utility and cable packages, and specific amenities and preferences that fit the needs of the guests.

Customizations can make the unit feel more like home, fit unique needs of the traveling worker, and can even make the housing more affordable.

Traveling with a family or pet? Have a need for a quiet neighborhood? Whatever the need, our team can search for and set up the best option for every travel need.

The Travelers Haven team works directly with the client to learn about their needs. From there, we build a list of top-quality corporate housing options that are affordable and can be customized to match the request.

The goal is to give the best quality of living possible as guests are doing the job that the world needs them to do.

Benefits of Workforce Housing On-Demand

A team that can find healthcare personnel, military, entertainment, infrastructure, relocation, disaster relief, or basic corporate housing options and negotiate leases is an invaluable resource. They’ll be able to find the perfect housing while reducing cost.

Vetted Properties

Vetted Properties

The ability to find high-quality homes in convenient locations

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind of having an expert negotiate flexible leases

One Bill

One Bill

Monthly payment that includes all utilities in one bill



Furnished living space that includes essentials like a full kitchen and housewares

Variety of Housing Options

Variety of Housing Options

The ability to personalize searches to include amenities (fitness centers, pet-friendly, swimming pools, high-speed internet, etc.)

Benefits for Housing Coordinators


Bundled Billing

Minimize headaches and maximize productivity so coordinators don’t have to spend hours setting up utilities and billing processes for each resident.


Cost-Efficient Group Lodging

Skip the hotel stay and give everyone their own room. Book employees in one large house or apartment complex to make the move easier for everyone.


Contract and Lease Help

A corporate apartment lease has different requirements than a personal apartment lease. The fine print can be complex, but experts at Travelers Haven by Blueground will help manage it.

Find your Stay with Travelers Haven by Blueground

Workforce housing on-demand fills the housing gap for so many nomadic workers that need a place to stay while they do their important work away from home.

Comfort, flexibility, affordability, and location make Travelers Haven by Blueground the only true fit for nomadic essential workers.

If corporate housing options, hotels, or doing it on your own isn’t working, Travelers Haven by Blueground is here.

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