Finding Temporary Housing During COVID-19

Under normal circumstances, there are many reasons to use temporary housing, such as travel, business, and relocation. Temporary housing companies like Travelers Haven provide furnished short-term housing providing guests with the feeling of home in a new city. Many people chose temporary housing because it’s convenient, less stressful, and less time consuming than finding housing their own.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an international health crisis, is anything but a normal circumstance. Things are changing fast; schedules have been upended and job duties are more fluid. Cleanliness and sanitation concerns, social distancing, and face masks have become the norm. Staying safe from the coronavirus has completely changed the way people travel when they have to do business.

Where once a hotel or personal sublet would have been perfectly acceptable, it is now downright dangerous! Eating in restaurants presents a myriad of problems and isn’t allowed in many cases. In states where hotels are still operating, coming in contact with others in hallways, elevators, and at service, desks is all but unavoidable. As friendly as a sublet situation may seem, no one can afford to trust their health and well being to an untrained stranger. Regular apartment rentals would solve a lot of problems, but usually come with 12 to 18-month leases plus they are rarely furnished which will add to the expense.

Now many places are enforcing quarantine for out-of-state visitors and travel has become more difficult. Staying in a new location for the duration of a project rather than flying in and out of town has become a much more appealing option. The easiest way to stay healthy and productive is to opt for the safety and convenience of temporary housing.

Why Temporary Housing is the Best Choice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Temporary housing is always a great option, but during the coronavirus outbreak, there are even more reasons to opt for a temporary rental like the ones offered by Travelers Haven. The most important reason is that temporary housing is safer than hotels or private subletting. A temporary rental is safer because:

  • Finding a place to stay is convenient and contactless.
    Most apartments and houses are being shown by appointment only to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and decrease any type of gathering of people. However, this still leaves the renter exposed to the leasing agent who may see dozens of people in a given day being shown an apartment that may have had dozens of people visit it within the previous 24 hours! With corporate housing like Travelers Haven, we receive a request and we provide you with the available temporary furnished housing that meets your needs.
  • Rent and paperwork are contactless.
    Unlike most hotels, sublets, and traditional rentals, rent is paid to the corporate housing company and typically includes all utilities and fees. This is not only convenient; it also minimizes the time and potential overhead costs involved in managing and paying bills.
  • Temporary housing is a home away from home.
    No sharing public amenities like a hotel or living out of a place occupied by strangers the day before, as with a private sublet. This helps limit contact because this is a home to be lived in, played in, cooked in, and enjoyed without intrusion or interference.  Home-cooked meals replace restaurants and deliveries while movie nights at home with the family replace hotel boredom since most theatres, malls, and bars are shut down or severely restricted due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Most temporary homes also allow pets!
  • Deliveries are easier.
    When it comes to deliveries, temporary housing is great. Anything can be easily delivered just like at home. Temporary housing also allows the guest to take advantage of all of the new contactless delivery services available from grocery stores, pharmacies, and other industries. Often, this isn’t possible at hotels or private sublets.
  • Work from anywhere.
    Temporary housing provides working professionals the ability to live and work anywhere where they wish, without long-term leases or commitments. Travelers Haven move-in ready, fully furnished corporate housing makes it easy to get away from your home office and experience a new place while still have all the comforts of home and staying safe.

If you’re needing a temporary home during COVID-19 or another time, Travelers Haven can help find you the perfect furnished temporary home. We can help you bypass all of the issues presented by hotel or private sublet stays during the coronavirus pandemic.

While all businesses can be done contact-free, Travelers Haven still provides temporary housing options that are completely customizable. Completely furnished homes and apartments are available with diverse amenities in both urban and rural – anywhere in the U.S. During these uncertain times, Travelers Haven alleviates the stress of travel by safely providing a real home away from home.