Become an Alliance Partner

Travelers Haven is one of the three largest corporate housing companies in the United States. We didn’t get there alone. We’ve been able to build an impressive portfolio of furnished apartments in 6,000+ locations by utilizing our Alliance Partners like you.

As a member of the Alliance Partnership Program you will be able to list locations where you have available inventory.

Whether you’re a boutique housing provider or you have a robust inventory that includes multiple markets, the Alliance Partnership Program is scalable for all company sizes and is designed for you to truly succeed.

Registration is quick and easy; you can list as few or as many locations that you have available, there are no upfront costs, and you won’t spend any extra advertising dollars. Perhaps the most important benefit is you can reduce vacancies while increasing your bottom line.

Explore all of the benefits below and find out how you can start thriving with us today.

Steps to Becoming an Alliance Partner

Steps to Becoming an Alliance

It Pays to Be an Alliance Partner

There are other corporate housing providers on the market, but our unique top-rated services separate us from the rest of the pack.


Vacancies impact your bottom line. Let us help you fill them and put money in your pocket.


If you have multiple furnished apartments, we won’t require you to submit a profile for all of them, write lengthy property descriptions or upload photos before even getting your first lead. With Travelers Haven there is low time and cost investment upfront. Register and receive your first reservation request within minutes. Reap the benefits without incurring the risks.


Your properties receive high visibility by a targeted audience, and you won’t have to increase your marketing budget by partnering with us. And there is absolutely no fee to register or use our service.


Travelers Haven will be the responsible party when apartments are rented. This means you’ll be paid on time without any hassle.


As long as you’re a member of the Alliance Partnership Program anytime a client makes a reservation request, a dedicated Travelers Haven account manager is able to search and find your properties based on our client’s needs. And whenever your furnished apartments meet those needs a request soon becomes a lease. The opportunities are limitless.


Every time you respond to a reservation request, the apartment is stored in the system. For example, if you bid on a one-bedroom in Denver, it’s saved for the next time we receive a similar request.

How Reservation Requests Works

Reservation Process

Learn How the Travelers Haven Portal Can Help You


Alliance Partners can partner with Travelers Haven to leverage Travelers Haven’s clients base to fill their vacancy needs and provide additional housing options to the Travelers Haven ecosystem.
Alliance Partner housing options are instantly provided when they align with the clients request.
Alliance Partners can submit housing options helping decrease their vacancy and increase revenue.

Get started with the Alliance Partnership Program today!