The Integration of Furnished Finder's Data Enables Increased Depth and Scope of Travelers' Virtual Housing Inventory


The Integration of Furnished Finder’s Data Enables Increased Depth and Scope of Travelers’ Virtual Housing Inventory


Travelers Haven, the leader in workforce housing on-demand for nomadic workers and professionals, today announced its partnership with Furnished Finder, a monthly furnished rentals provider for nomadic specialists and professionals such as travel nurses and construction workers, as well as other business travelers who need furnished housing. Travelers Haven will integrate Furnished Finder’s robust data set to further expand its ability to provide mid-term housing in any location and address a major housing gap for nomadic workers and professionals, especially in rural areas across the US.

As the housing crunch continues throughout the country, nomadic workers and professionals are among those most challenged to find temporary homes. The partnership expands Traveler Haven’s property inventory by over 70,000 enabling the company to provide housing in both middle market and major metropolitan areas, as well as more rural areas that lack a significant presence of property management companies. According to Travelers Haven, nearly 20 percent of its current leases already come from private owner inventory. By integrating directly with Furnished Finder’s data, Travelers Haven increases the depth and scope of its inventory across the U.S., enabling discovery of more housing options in less time, and reducing the time it takes for nomadic workers and professionals to secure their top options at the best possible price. In the healthcare industry alone, Furnished Finder is trusted by over 100 medical staffing companies to service over one million users per month.

“There is a very real workforce housing gap impacting the key nomadic workers and professionals who need to find safe, comfortable living options in hundreds of cities and towns that traditional corporate housing simply doesn’t reach,” said Carlos Abisambra, CEO, Travelers Haven. “By incorporating Furnished Finder’s established inventory into our proven network and patented on-demand framework, we can deliver an ever-increasing number of flexible, affordable solutions for these nomadic workers and professionals.”

“Major housing providers across the country rely on Furnished Finder for our proven data, and we’re always looking for ways to expand our reach,” said Brian Payne, CEO of Furnished Finder. “Travelers Haven has a proven reputation as a leading provider of housing for healthcare and infrastructure specialists, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with them and be a part of the solution to the growing workforce housing problem.”


About Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder is the leading housing site for traveling professionals and remote workers to book monthly furnished rentals directly with verified landlords. With more than 75,000 properties and representing a potential of 30M bookable nights per month, Furnished Finder is the source of direct bookings for landlords, property managers, and hoteliers. Fueled by their strategic industry partnerships and high search ranking, traveling nurses, remote workers, and other traveling professionals depend on Furnished Finder for monthly furnished rentals. Furnished Finder also owns KeyCheck, a site that provides tools for landlords, including online rent payment, free tenant screening, and custom residential leases. For more information, visit

About Travelers Haven
Travelers Haven is the leading provider of workforce housing-on-demand for nomadic workers in specialized industries, including construction, health care, disaster relief, infrastructure and more. Since 2008, Travelers Haven’s proven network, relationships and services has offered the fast and highly customizable sourcing of temporary housing, anywhere in the U.S. Travelers Haven secures the best housing at the best rates, and manages every aspect of the short-term housing process to save clients money, time and stress. Travelers Haven offers unparalleled support and a complete suite of tools and features to inform and optimize every housing program. For more information, go to