Workforce Housing Provider Posts Best Numbers To Date as On-Demand Housing Model Proves Key for Nomadic Workers in the Face of the Housing Crunch and Looming Recession

DENVERJune 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Travelers Haven, the leader in workforce housing on-demand for nomadic workers and professionals, today announced the culmination of the strongest growth period in the company’s 14 year history – matching its FY 2020 revenues just six months into 2022. The milestone represents a consistent growth trend for Travelers Haven since the pandemic, as demand continues to surge for short-term housing options for first responders and other critical workers.

Travelers Haven has proven to be a secret weapon for nomadic professionals in the face of a volatile economy and imploding real estate market. As of June 28, 2022, Travelers Haven has already seen a 25 percent increase in growth YTD over 2021, and is on pace to top FY 2020 revenues by 40 percent by year end.

“We are seeing unprecedented demand for short-term housing, in the midst of a housing crunch of epic proportions. This has created a perfect storm for the construction workers, traveling nurses, and other professionals who need to move to a new city or town every few weeks,” explained Carlos Abisambra, CEO of Travelers Haven. “Travelers Haven is in a unique position to solve this problem – but our success is truly only possible thanks to our incredible team, who has been working around the clock to make sure everyone has a place to stay, when and where they need it.”

Travelers Haven boasts an unmatched network of housing in all 19,000 cities and towns in the United States, coupled with a proven model to deliver housing anywhere, on-demand. The company delivers affordable, completely customizable housing arrangements, and manages the entire process from start to finish, including furniture, utilities, and more.

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Travelers Haven is the leading provider of workforce housing on-demand for nomadic workers in specialized industries, including construction, health care, disaster relief, infrastructure and more. Since 2008, Travelers Haven’s proven network, relationships and services has offered the fast and highly customizable sourcing of temporary housing, anywhere in the U.S. Travelers Haven secures the best housing at the best rates, and manages every aspect of the short-term housing process to save clients money, time and stress. Travelers Haven offers unparalleled support and a complete suite of tools and features to inform and optimize every housing program. For more information, go to

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