Florida is known for its fun and bright cities, from Clearwater to Orlando. One star in both tourism and for professionals is Tampa, Florida.

Florida is known for its fun and bright cities, from Clearwater to Orlando. One star in both tourism and for professionals is Tampa, Florida.

With thriving industries, a healthy local economy, and plenty to do and see, Tampa is one of Florida’s best places to be.

For employers looking to temporarily relocate their employees to the greater Tampa area, we’re breaking down everything you need to know.

From the cost of living to the best neighborhoods for professionals, this is the ultimate guide to corporate housing in Tampa.


Everything to Know About Moving to Tampa


Tampa shouldn’t just be known for just its sunny skies and clear waters when the town has so much more to offer!

When it comes to choosing Tampa as a short-term destination for employees, these are just a few of the aspects you’ll want to keep in mind.


The Local Economy


Tampa boasts a well-rounded economy thanks to, in large part, its location. In or near Tampa are a number of higher education institutions, access to Tampa Bay, and a number of thriving industries.

Driving home this attribute is the low unemployment rate in the city, slightly below the national average. All this to say, if you or your company were unsure of the locality, rest assured it’s a thriving market.


Cost of Living


The cost of living in Tampa is just slightly higher than the national average and on par with Florida’s averages.

Though above the U.S. average, Tampa manages to be lower than many other similar beach destinations like San Diego or other Florida destinations.

More specifically, Tampa scores 103.7 on the cost of living scale. Comparatively, the U.S. scores a base of 100, and Florida as a whole scores 103.1, according to BestPlaces.

This means that living in Tampa is slightly more expensive than living in other places in the U.S. The difference can be seen in the cost of goods such as


  • Housing
  • Groceries
  • Health
  • Transportation


With that being said, there are also areas in which Tampa is slightly below the national averages, such as utilities.

These numbers are important to note and keep track of when considering where to place employees who are temporarily relocating.


Things to Do in Tampa


A major component of employee success is work-life balance.

With that being said, you’ll want to be sure that your employees have plenty to do during their stay in Tampa.

Luckily, there are endless opportunities both in the city and beyond.


Tampa Theatre


One of the best ways to pass the time and experience something new is in the theater!

Tampa Theatre features entertainment year-round, showcasing local talents and hearts.

For those not keen on live shows, the theatre also shows films and hosts private events.


Eureka Springs


Anyone seeking a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to get away will love Eureka Springs.

Eureka Springs is a conservation park that offers visitors a boardwalk and walking trails.

Botanical garden lovers of all backgrounds will find the peace they need in Eureka Springs.


Caspersen Beach


With a short drive and an afternoon to spare, Caspersen Beach makes for a great getaway.

The beach is one of the best shelling beaches and has plenty to see and do, especially for explorers committed to learning something new.

Here, visitors can enjoy a picnic, watch for wildlife, canoe, and of course, fish! With something for everyone, this is a great destination to consider.


Skyway Fishing


Another wildlife destination, Skyway Fishing, is one of Florida’s best state parks.

Perhaps what sets Skyway Fishing apart from other destinations is the massive pier that runs along Tampa Bay.

Whether you’re an opportunist or a long-time fishing connoisseur, Skyway Fishing is the palace to be.

Tampa Bay History Center


What better way to familiarize yourself with the place of your temporary relocation than by visiting the Tampa Bay History Center?

The attraction is filled with a breakdown of everything to know about Tampa Bay from the point of discovery to the present day.

The History Center is massive and has constantly evolving exhibits which makes it a place to visit time and time again!

Other nearby destinations to check out:


  • St Petersburg (a.k.a., St. Pete)
  • Westshore
  • Sarasota


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The Best Neighborhoods in Tampa


After deciding on a temporary relocation to Tampa, the next choice is deciding which neighborhood to choose for your employee.

With so many great options, it can be difficult to decide. Travelers Haven can help make this process easier, but here are just a few top Tampa neighborhoods to consider.


Hyde Park


Hyde Park is located just off the water and the iconic Bayshore Boulevard. Niche rates it an A+ neighborhood, and for good reason.

With moderate housing options, a slowed-down suburban feel, and plenty to do in the way of nightlife, Hyde Park is a great location for easy commutes and plenty to do.

Hyde Park is just south of the University of Tampa and just across the way from Davis Islands and Harbour Island.

This convenient location makes it a good choice for those in the education industry or maritime sector.




Perhaps the most convenient location of all is Downtown Tampa. Sandwiched on the other side of the University of Tampa, the area is certainly booming.

There are endless restaurants, coffee shops, and stores to check out.

If opting for a corporate apartment or condo for your employee’s temporary stay, chances are good that you’ll find the best choices with the easiest commutes right here downtown.


Channel District


Channel District is a smaller community that still maintains that city feel.

There is plenty to do here, which means that Channel District has a large population of professionals.

Channel District has a number of consulting and financial company offices, making it an ideal location for business-geared employees.


Sun Bay South


One of the closest neighborhoods to MacDill Air Force Base is Sun Bay South.

This neighborhood is a convenient location for those involved in the defense industry.

For those that are not interested in or a part of the defense industry, Sun Bay South still offers plenty for the average resident, with shops and destinations galore.

Plus, those in Sun Bay South can still enjoy convenient access to Downtown Tampa.


The Best Tampa Suburbs


The suburbs of Tampa are no stranger to good neighborhoods and quality housing choices.

Here are just a few choices to consider when organizing short-term housing for employees.


Temple Terrace


One of the top suburbs in the Tampa area, Temple Terrace is a great choice for employees who need a little more space.

In fact, the area is notorious for its abundance of parks and greenery, helping to provide an oasis right in an otherwise dense area.

Nestled between Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Lower Hillsborough Wildlife, meaning this suburb is partially good for tourism industries!




Brandon is a large suburb just outside of Tampa. The area isn’t ideal for those wanting a sprawling, sparse town to call home.

Instead, it’s a dense community with few reprieves like parks and destinations to check out.

Brandon provides easy access to surrounding destinations like a number of conservations, lakes, and much more.




Those looking to live in the suburbs but that still need convenient commutes to the city will love Mango.

Not only does Mango intersect with I-75 and HWY 574, but it’s also got plenty to do within the community.

From a number of lakes, including Mango lake, to a number of closeby colleges and hotels, mango is a great place to relocate.

A quick drive away will also bring Mango residents to manufacturing plants to the east, including Coca-Cola.

This creates a large hub of manufacturing employees in Mango and nearby communities.

Tampa is one of the Top Ten Cities for Digital Nomads!


How to Find Corporate Housing in Tampa


Locating corporate housing for an employee, especially multiple employees, can be a major hassle.

Adding a popular destination like Tampa into the mix makes things even more complicated.

To help you with the process, here are a few tips for finding corporate housing in Tampa that can fit an employee’s housing needs.


Check the Amenities


Traveling employees usually require a specific set of amenities that can help them to perform their job well.

Narrowing down the housing options that are best for your employees by amenity is a great way to start your search.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all employees will need the same thing or want the same things for that matter.

With that being said, some commonly requested amenities include


  • Fully furnished apartments
  • Fitness center
  • Pet-friendly
  • High-speed internet/ wifi
  • High-quality linens
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • Full kitchen and supplied housewares
  • Washer & dryer
  • Business centers
  • Easy access
  • Close proximity to needs (medical center, shopping, etc.)
  • Multi-bedroom apartments, including a three-bedroom
  • A range in sq ft
  • Flexible move-in dates



Narrowing Down by Housing Types


Taking a look at the temporary housing type is a key way to narrow down the best option for your employees.

By looking at the options available and the benefits of each, you’ll be able to better understand why one method may work better than another.


Extended Stay Hotels


Hotels are often considered and sometimes used when it comes to temporary relocations for employees.

While extended-stay hotels are great for a week or so at a time, they simply lack the amenities needed to keep employees satisfied.

Some common issues with extended-stay hotels include the coming and going of other visitors, which can be unpredictable, little to no space, and so on.

Plus, tricky check-in or access hours can make it difficult to thrive.

It’s best to avoid hotels like these if you’re hoping to create an environment for employees to thrive with the conveniences they need.




A home or townhome can make sense in some cases, but those are very few. That’s because houses are usually more hassle than they’re worth.

Even if a company decides to rent a home for the duration of a temporary relocation, the prices are likely to be hefty.

When it comes to homes in Tampa, they’re also not always conveniently located, which means longer commutes for employees!


Corporate Apartments or Condos


A happy medium, corporate apartment homes and condos offer employers an opportunity to keep employees happy in a home-away-from-home.

These units are a great choice for interim housing and allow the employee to feel comfortable enough to relax and reset.

When you’re investing time and money into a move, even if temporary, you likely want the investment to pay off.

Corporate apartments and condos are a great way to do this! Making the process even easier is Travelers Haven.


Consult Travelers Haven


As mentioned above, Travelers Haven can help to locate short-term housing in Tampa, alleviating the burden of organizing it all.

Travelers Haven uses a hands-off approach to find appropriate properties, vet them, and even help with the application process.

Not only does Travelers Haven help your company to secure housing, but they also offer unique benefits like bundled bookings and payments, helping to simplify your accounting.


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From the thriving market to the endless things to do, Tampa continues to be one of the best places for employee temporary relocations.

Travelers Haven can help employees looking to temporarily relocate one or more employees to the Tampa region.

With assistance from start to finish, there has never been a more seamless way to secure corporate housing allowing your company and employees to focus on the things that matter most!

Contact us today for more information or to book corporate housing for your team!