Orlando, lovingly referred to as "The City Beautiful," is situated in Central Florida.

Besides being the quintessential family vacation destination, the city also has a booming economy. Orlando has a diverse workforce from the hospitality and retail industries to healthcare and professional occupations.

If you are heading to Orlando due to a career move or extended work trip, a short-term rental is the best way to stay comfortable.

Skipping the stress of a big move and unpacking, short-term rentals — also known as corporate housing — make for a smooth transition.

To help you navigate your business travel time in Orlando, we’ve created this all-encompassing guide.

Find everything you need to know below to start your smooth transition today!


Top Neighborhoods In Orlando And Their Industries


Orlando is more than theme parks and vacation fun.

While those things certainly make living here a blast, several critical career tracks are growing in the city.

A number of companies are headquartered in Orlando, including Wyndham Destinations and National Airlines. Each helps to put this town on the map as a diverse career hub.

Some of Orlando’s top industries include:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Administration

Because Orlando has people from so many occupations, some neighborhoods tend to have higher concentrations of certain employees.

This can be for a few reasons: from easier, shorter commute times to being amongst peers, especially in the case of young professionals.

If you’re wondering which neighborhood might be best for you based on your occupation, below are a few trends to note.


Hospitality: Lake Mann Estates & Washington Shores


Those in the hospitality industry tend to navigate toward two communities — Lake Mann Estates and Washington Shores.

A small community in Orlando, Lake Mann Estates only has 1,060 people. One of the main draws of Lake Mann is the suburban atmosphere.

This area offers above-average nightlife and easy commutes. It also caters heavily to its large population of retirees.

Another great option for hospitality workers is Washington Shores. The neighborhood is similar in population and layout compared to Lake Mann Estates.

The benefits are also similar, as commute and nightlife are well-regarded by residents.

Located near S John Young Parkway and the Orlando Convention Center, these are perfect for hospitality workers to call home — even if temporarily.


Retail: Southchase


Southchase, a suburb of Orlando, is a denser community in Orange County and just outside the city limits.

Offering benefits for people of all backgrounds, both families and young professionals flock to Southchase for a balanced life.

Also hard to beat is the proximity to Orlando International Airport (MCO), which has a great demand for retailers, not to mention many nearby tourist-centered attractions.

Regardless of where you plan to work — Lake Nona, Baldwin Park, Maitland, Kissimmee, or anywhere between — Southchase makes for an excellent home base.


Healthcare: Lake Underhill & Dover Shores West


Among the best communities in Orlando, Lake Underhill offers idyllic suburban living without being too far from the action.

The neighborhood, which contains Lake Underhill Park and the waterfront, brings recreation right to you.

Because the population is only 2,455, the close-knit feel will be the reprieve you need when working in healthcare.

Lake Underhill has quite the nightlife and a roster of things to do, from renowned bars and restaurants to outdoor recreation.

Or you might consider Dover Shores West, another top neighborhood in Orlando. With good schools, it’s no wonder healthcare workers flock to the area with their families.

The neighborhood also offers a perfect blend of suburban and city living, making it ideal for young professionals.


Administration: Spring Lake


With a unique combination of urban living and a sprawling suburban feel, there is something for everyone in Spring Lake.

It’s especially popular amongst retirees, largely due to the Country Club of Orlando being in the center of the community.

Spring Lake can bring much-needed relaxation for people in stressful industries like business administration.

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Relocation To Orlando (What You Need To Know)


Moving to Orlando is a big deal – whether a forever choice or as a short-term option.

To help you better prepare for your move, we’ve rounded up a few resources to get you started.

With a continual rise year-over-year of people moving to Orlando — especially career-centered moves — many companies have adapted to provide the best services.


Typical Housing Costs


Orlando home prices are slightly higher than the national average but in line with Florida’s overall rate.

The average cost of a home in Orlando is $294,400, while the average cost in the U.S. is $291,700.

While it is not a major difference compared to places like California and New York, the slight uptick in averages is something to be cautious of when relocating to Florida, especially short term.

Instead of buying right away, you might consider short-term housing.

Short-term housing allows you to have the stability and comfort you need while working without committing to a long-term lease or overstaying your welcome at a hotel.

Plus, short-term housing allows you to become acquainted with the area, avoiding steep housing costs.


Cost Of Living


While housing costs are important, you’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the overall cost of living.

According to bestplaces, if the cost of living in the U.S. is 100, Orlando’s number totals 103.3. That means living in Orlando is slightly more expensive than living elsewhere in the United States.

Orlando, FL, is above the average cost of living in:

  • Groceries
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities

Transportation is one area in which Orlando is especially high above the national average, with a score of 110 compared to the nation’s 100.

If you’ll need to commute, make sure to budget properly!


Popular Attractions Nearby


While your move may be work-motivated, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun things too!

Wherever you’re moving to, these Orlando-area attractions are a must-visit.


Theme Parks


No, Orlando is not just the theme parks it houses.

But would it be a true attraction breakdown of this city without mentioning the parks you’ll have access to once you move here?

From Universal Studios with the Islands of Adventure and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to SeaWorld and Disney World, there is no shortage of parks to visit.


Orlando Science Center


Whether you’re a science lover or just looking for something to do for the day, the Orlando Science Center is the place to be.

Designed for kids and adults, you can spend hours working with hands-on exhibits and experiencing a fun event from time to time.

Regardless of your knowledge level in science, you can’t miss this one.


Cocoa Beach


Orlando has many lakes, but nothing quite beats a trip to the beach.

And just because you live in the center of the peninsula doesn’t mean you can’t get to the beach.

The nearest one that residents flock to is usually Cocoa Beach. Located near Kennedy Space Center, you’ll have endless opportunities, including just lounging and enjoying the sunshine.


Harry P Leu


Up for a relaxing day trip?

The Harry P Leu Gardens offer beautiful, leisurely fun in a botanical garden setting. With over 50 acres, this peaceful option is an oasis in the center of Florida.

Whether you attend an event or have a nice afternoon taking in natural beauty, you’re sure to love the Leu Gardens.




Orlando is a melting pot.

With people from all different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, the Orlando area offers a pretty robust food scene.

There are plenty of options ranging from chains to mom-and-pop shops, as well as varying price levels.

Here are some of the top local flavors.


Adega Gaucha


When in Orlando, you have to visit a Brazilian Steakhouse.

Adega Gaucha is a local option boasting pride – plus, they’re committed to giving you an authentic experience!

Make sure to add this traditional food to your Orlando bucket list.


Maxine’s On Shine


An American classic, Maxine’s on Shine has been voted one of Orlando’s top restaurants year after year.

With a robust happy hour, a “Rejuicination Brunch,” and downright delicious, hearty meals, Maxine’s is a must.

Locals love to take advantage of special events hosted by the restaurant, like art and wine walks on the second Tuesday of every month.


Fresco Cucina Italiana


No need to settle for chain Italian food while in Orlando. There are plenty of fresh, authentic options, including Fresco Cucina Italiana.

Located in Orlando and new to the scene, this establishment has quickly built a name for itself.

Family-owned and operated, there is a lunch, dinner, and catering menu to take advantage of at Fresco Cucina.


Services In Orlando


Orlando is a big city with nearly 300,000 people. Because of this, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the services that may come in handy.

Here is a brief breakdown of a few to note.




For emergency services now, call 911.

Orlando has 17 fire stations and multiple police districts, including the airport patrol.

Some neighborhoods that the distinct fire stations cover include:

  • Station One – Downtown Orlando
  • Station Five – Downtown (South Side)
  • Station Six – Orlando Executive Airport
  • Station Seven – Clearlake
  • Station Ten — Universal Studios and Universal Blvd

The primary police districts are as follows:

  • West Division
  • Central Division
  • East Division
  • North Division
  • Airport Division




Looking for easy transportation?

Orlando offers many options to help you get by with or without a car.

Transportation for locals includes easy access to commuter choices like the SunRail and I-Ride Trolley.

You might also take advantage of the conveniently-located airport or robust rideshare economy in the area.

For more information on area travel, check out Visit Orlando.




There is no shortage of shopping when living in Orlando.

Because it is a popular tourist destination, there are retail options for every need.

If you’re not looking for national chains, you might consider the following options:


How To Choose Where To Live


Deciding where to live in Orlando can be overwhelming because of how many options there are.

Not only does it come down to the neighborhood vibes or the commute you need, but also what you can afford based on your expense account or per diem.

If you’re struggling to narrow down where to live, consider these tips.




Choosing based on lifestyle is one of the best options for narrowing down potential neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods are better for workers with families, while others might cater to young professionals.

If you prefer a community that is always on the go, retiree-majority communities with noise restrictions may not be the right option.

Compare your living options carefully to see which makes the most sense for your lifestyle!




Costs will always be a deciding factor when choosing where to live. In particular, professionals are often limited to what their budget allows.

Finding the sweet spot between affordability and a community you love is key.

Short-term options are better suited for extended stays when you’re unfamiliar with an area.




Deciding where to live based on the amenities provided is a great idea.

Is fitness your number one priority?

Finding a building with an on-site fitness center, clubhouse, or even a nearby local park can be perfect!

Other building amenities that businesspeople might consider when choosing condos, townhomes, or other corporate apartments include:

  • WiFi
  • Tennis courts
  • Flexible move-in dates
  • Fully-furnished apartments
  • Resort-style or luxury apartments featuring walk-in closets
  • Pet-friendly
  • In-unit washer and dryer
  • Dry cleaning (including linens)


Housing Types/Options


The last thing to consider when trying to decide where to live is the housing type that works best for you.

For many professionals relocating for work – whether temporary or long-term – opting for a short-term rental is a great choice.

By choosing a temporary housing rental — especially one furnished and catered to corporate workers — you’ll be able to move stress-free.

Making the process even easier is Travelers Haven, which can help you locate your ideal on-demand housing option in Orlando.

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Relocating to Orlando, Florida can be a breeze with the right tools in place!

Whether it’s understanding the different neighborhoods in Orlando or choosing the right spot to call a temporary home, there are options to simplify the process.

When considering your move to Orlando, begin your search by contacting Travelers Haven. After a preliminary phone call, we’ll be able to determine your next steps in obtaining corporate housing in this city.