Jacksonville, Florida, boasts a great job market that attracts companies and traveling employees from all over the world.

Key takeaways: Jacksonville is an excellent destination for companies/employees, and Travelers Haven handles the stress of finding a place to live and offers benefits.

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Jacksonville, Florida, boasts a great job market that attracts companies and traveling employees from all over the world.

Organizations looking to expand operations into this area can reap plenty of benefits.

To help start that process, we’ve created a guide covering everything to know about corporate housing in Florida’s largest city, Jacksonville.


Everything to Know About Moving to Jacksonville


Jacksonville is more than just a fun holiday destination; it is a great place to live both short and long-term. Employees temporarily relocating to Jacksonville should keep these things in mind.


The Local Economy


Plenty of major economic sectors call Jacksonville home, from entertainment and logistics to finance and education, and for good reason.

Jacksonville’s economy is thriving! The unemployment rates continue to fall, with estimates (as of Spring 2023) at 2.5%, while the national average sits at 3.5%.

If your company wants to expand business operations in Jacksonville, you’ll find plenty of opportunities here.


Cost of Living


Jacksonville’s cost of living (COL) is slightly less than both the U.S.’s and Florida’s as a whole.

The city scores 94.2 according to a cost of living breakdown by BestPlaces. The U.S., as a whole, scores 100 as a baseline, and Florida scores 103.1. So, not only is Jacksonville lower than the Florida average, but it also has a lower COL than the average U.S. city.

In the case of Jacksonville, products and services that fall lower than average in cost include groceries and housing.

Companies planning short-term stays for their employees may find this city a more affordable destination than other Florida locations.


The Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville


Jacksonville has plenty of neighborhoods that vary in feel and what they cater to.

While many locations are perfect for professionals looking for easy commutes, others, with sprawling suburban streets, cater to families.

We’re breaking down a few of Jacksonville’s best neighborhoods to consider for business travelers.




Deercreek, slightly different than nearby Deerwood, is a vibrant neighborhood and an ideal destination for traveling employees.

It is home to several golf courses, parks, and plenty of shopping and dining opportunities for those exploring the area.

Its mix of suburban and urban settings offers something for everyone in terms of activities, recreation, and amenities.

Many Deercreek residents work in industries like finance, insurance, and healthcare.




Avondale, Florida, is a beautiful and vibrant community along the St. Johns River, just miles from downtown Jacksonville.

This welcoming town invites visitors and residents alike to enjoy its picturesque views of natural waterways and the calming sounds of birdsong throughout the day.

Residents of Avondale enjoy easy access to nearby attractions and quick commutes, making it convenient to work in Jacksonville.




This is an excellent location for tourists, but also for visiting employees. With a business hub and plenty to see and do, Downtown can also be a great place to live.

Down here, you’ll find more available condos and apartments than in further away neighborhoods that might be more home-heavy.

Downtown has a heavy emphasis on transportation workers who live in the area. But with such a great location, it’s an ideal place for commuters of all industries.


Secret Cove


Secret Cove is a hidden gem in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, perfect for traveling employees looking to stay where they play.

Some of the top industries among residents here include finance and insurance.

This area has stunning waterfront views, tranquil parks and gardens, and vibrant nightlife.

Visitors can find various cozy restaurants, boutique shops, trendy bars to explore, and plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking and biking.


The Best Jacksonville Suburbs


There are plenty of suburbs to consider for those looking to work in Jacksonville but not necessarily live in the city proper.

Suburbs offer the convenience of being close without having to live in the middle of it all. Below are a few Jacksonville suburbs to consider when planning a short-term stay.


Orange Park


This small suburb of Jacksonville offers a peaceful lifestyle with plenty of amenities.

Explore the scenic parks and nature trails, or participate in many activities like golfing, fishing, and boating.

Orange Park also boasts a variety of shopping centers and restaurants, as well as multiple art galleries, libraries, and museums.




Lakeside is a small town located just outside of Jacksonville and perfect for traveling employees looking for a place to call home.

This quaint community offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and plenty of recreation.

With its proximity to both downtown Jacksonville and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, Lakeside provides the ideal combination of rustic charm and modern convenience.


Fernandina Beach


With its beautiful oceanfront setting and convenient access to Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a relaxed lifestyle in the Sunshine State.

If you’re seeking something calm and quiet to retreat to every night, places like Fernandina Beach are an excellent choice — while still being able to enjoy an easy commute!


How to Find Corporate Housing in Jacksonville


Finding corporate housing in Jacksonville can be difficult because there are just so many options.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a few methods for narrowing down those choices.

From comparing amenities and housing types to letting Travelers Haven do the hard stuff, here are some tips to find the right housing.


Check the Amenities


Once the location is squared away, choosing a short-term housing option based on the amenities is a great way to ensure your employees have what they need.

Corporate housing may be specifically catered to traveling employees, but that does not mean all options are created equal.

Here are some amenities to look out for when making a housing decision:


  • Fully-furnished apartments
  • Fitness center within the apartment community
  • Pet-friendly
  • High-speed internet/WiFi
  • High-quality linens
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • Full kitchen and supplied housewares
  • Washer & dryer
  • Business centers
  • Easy access
  • Close proximity to needs (medical center, shopping, etc.)
  • Multi-bedroom apartments
  • Flexible move-in dates


Compare Housing Types


Another way to determine the best housing choice in this area is by looking at the type of housing options specifically.

Plenty of types exist, but they’re not all designed to help employees thrive during short-term stays.

Three popular options include hotels, standard rentals, and corporate housing, all of which vary in their ability to bring the comforts of home.




When it comes to short-term stays, one of the first choices for housing is often hotels.

While hotels can make sense for a few days or a week, longer stays that extend up to a month or more often require more comfort.

Many other problems come with staying in a hotel, such as coming-and-going guests and lack of space.

All of these problems can bring down an employee’s morale and make it challenging to thrive in their work, even if opting for something like an extended-stay hotel.


Standard Rentals


Another option for housing is a standard rental option like a home or short-term apartment home.

These units can offer more room and comfort, but they also rarely provide benefits for traveling workers.

Moreso, subletting or renting a vacation home offers few benefits for employers who are paying for the stays.


Corporate Housing from Travelers Haven


Alternatively, Jacksonville corporate housing is a good middle ground for finding apartments or condos tailored to professionals.

Options like corporate apartments usually come with a good location, amenities designed for employees, and benefits for companies, such as bundled billing for multi-employee stays and help negotiating contracts.

Travelers Haven is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a corporate housing company that can help you locate short-term housing. We take on the hassle that many companies face when trying to find their employees a short-term housing option.


Things to Do


A good place to live — even temporarily — should have fun things to do.

In the case of employees, it’s crucial that there are destinations and activities that help employees to relax during their time off. That way, they have a work-life balance that leads to better overall performance.

Beyond Downtown Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, and the town center, here are a few area destinations to consider.


Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens


The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is a great place to explore art and nature.

It has beautiful gardens with multiple kinds of flora, as well as a museum with paintings, sculptures, pottery, and jewelry from all over the world. They also host events throughout the year like concerts, storytimes for kids, and art classes for adults.


St Johns Town Center


St Johns Town Center has over 150 stores and restaurants, including popular brands like Apple and Macy’s. It also features a movie theater, several parks and green spaces for leisurely activities, and an amphitheater for performances.

Many events are hosted at the Town Center throughout the year, such as art festivals, car shows, concerts, and more.

St Johns Town Center is a great place to shop or relax after a long day of work or on sunny weekend days.


Riverside Arts Market


The Riverside Arts Market is a great place to shop for handmade items, with booths selling artwork, jewelry, clothes, and other unique trinkets. You can also sometimes find fresh produce and local food vendors depending on the day.


Huguenot Memorial Park


Looking for a great way to experience the outdoors in Jacksonville?

Head to Huguenot Memorial Park.

From the beach and its soft sand to fun activities, this is the place to be. Visitors can go fishing off the pier, take a boat ride through the St. Johns River, or just relax on the beach watching the waves.

There are also picnic areas where you can have a snack or lunch with friends or enjoy the day solo.

Additional activities, like guided nature hikes and bird-watching tours, are available to help visitors learn more about their surroundings.


Destinations Nearby


If you’re able to travel to nearby towns and destinations, there is even more to do. Here are just a few extra places worth visiting:


  • Ponte Vedra Beach
  • Fleming Island
  • Baymeadows





Jacksonville is a thriving city with plenty to do and see, in addition to its booming economy.

When it comes to housing for an employee’s short-term stay, the number of options can become overwhelming, but there are choices!

Whatever your needs are, Travelers Haven can help your company to find the housing they need for success.

Contact Travelers Haven today for more information.