San Diego, California, is usually known for glistening beaches and clear skies, but that’s not all it has to offer.

Adding to the list of the city’s attributes is the booming job market, which attracts professionals year-round.

If you’re looking to temporarily relocate your employees to San Diego and need an introduction to everything San Diego has to offer, keep reading or click here to view our San Diego listings.


Everything to Know About Moving to San Diego


San Diego is a diverse place with equal parts charm and history.

While it’s often overlooked due to its proximity to Los Angeles, the city certainly has its own advantages.

We’re breaking down just a few things your company should keep in mind when considering San Diego.


The Local Economy


San Diego has one of the strongest economies in California and places high among economies in the U.S.

After all, the city was once known as The Most Inventive City in the World.

With an unemployment rate that is below the national average and a constantly growing workforce, especially in hotspots like downtown and La Jolla, San Diego continues to be a top destination for companies and workers hoping to advance.


Cost of Living


When it comes to the cost of living, San Diego is above the national average, according to BestPlaces.

This means that the cost of goods in San Diego will be higher than the cost of the same goods in other regions.

More specifically, San Diego is rated just over 160 when it comes to the cost of living, while the comparative baseline for the U.S. is just 100.

When comparing within California, the whole of California is rated 150 according to BestPlaces, still placing San Diego higher than many other California towns.

The types of goods that San Diego is likely to experience a price hike include


  • Groceries
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Transportation


The average home in San Diego costs $833,500 while the average home in the U.S. costs only $338,100, a nearly half-a-million difference.

While temporary relocations won’t warrant concern over home costs, the numbers are similar when looking at rental costs as well.

The average rent cost in San Diego, California, is $2,989, according to RentCafe, while the U.S. average was $1,718.

If your employees are temporarily relocating to the San Diego area, you might consider lodging options just outside the city to lower costs.

Find out more about housing options and areas to live in the sections below.


Things to Do in San Diego


A good work-life balance is integral to overall health and performance. So what options are there beyond Seaworld San Diego, Old Town, Little Italy or the Gaslamp Quarter?

Luckily finding something to do in San Diego, specifically something the tourists won’t be all over, is fairly easy!


Chicano Park


A National Landmark, Chicano Park is a street artist’s dream. The destination is located in Logan Heights’ oldest Mexican-American neighborhood, Barrio Logan.

Here, you’ll find dozens of murals and paintings to be explored. It’s a great opportunity to get some steps in and see some artwork.

Plus, the neighborhood is known to throw a few parties and festivals, including Chicano Park Day!


Carlsbad Strawberry and Flower Fields


If you’re up for a short drive, the Carlsbad strawberry or tulips fields are a great excursion.

Depending on the season, visitors can either find thousands and thousands of tulips or endless rows of U-pick strawberries.

These farms have been around for generations and help to stimulate the local economy while serving the locals and tourists alike.

You can’t go wrong here!

Hike Spruce Street Suspension Bridge


Moderate adventure seekers may take a liking to the Hike Spruce Street Suspension Bridge.

It is one of the rare urban hiking opportunities in Southern California and is made much more interesting by the nearly 2-mile suspension bridge leading the way.

A roundtrip is just under 4 miles and offers gorgeous views and a chance to see some friendly faces on the same quest.


Shop Seaport Village


This shopping destination is located seaside and offers plenty to do and see.

Whether visitors are looking for the perfect gift or want to enjoy sweeping waterfront views while dining, both can be had here.

Seaport Village is the perfect place for after-work shopping or weekend outings.


Catch a Game or Concert


The conveniently located Petco Park makes it easier than ever to get out and experience a live event.

While baseball is a safe choice for cheering on the San Diego Padres, the stadium is also used for a number of other things, including concerts and other shows like soccer or football!

Petco Park is an all-in-one stop for entertainment, helping to provide some relaxation and excitement outside of the office.

Other popular nearby destinations to consider include:


  • Chula Vista
  • Oceanside
  • Del Mar
  • Mission Valley
  • San Marcos
  • La Mesa
  • El Cajon
  • Costa Verde


The Best Neighborhoods in San Diego


Living in San Diego is a great opportunity to be close to all of the action.

Whether it’s employment in the maritime sector or a healthcare business downtown, here are a few San Diego neighborhoods to consider.


Torrey Pines


Notorious for being one of San Diego’s top neighborhoods, Torrey Pines is a great place to call home, even if temporarily.

Top highlights in the area include low crime rates and good safety measures, moderate nightlife, and slightly slowed-down living, making it perfect for employees who need some peace and quiet for a daily reset.


La Jolla


When you picture the best that San Diego has to offer, it’s likely you’re thinking of La Jolla. With gorgeous views, a small-town feel, and plenty to do, it’s easy to see why it’s a highlight.

Not only is this destination a magnet for tourists, but it also is a great place to live for workers. Located near the water and many maritime or defense employers, it’s an easy commute to work.




Great for a city feel, Uptown is a good choice. Just about everything can be found within walking distance.

Whether it’s restaurants or coffee, parks, or just a desire to live closer to business offices, young professionals love to live in Uptown, San Diego.


University City


Located between La Jolla and Torrey Pines, University City is well-regarded as offering a small-town feel while being near it all.

Those in the education sector will enjoy close proximity to the University of California, San Diego.

A number of industries can benefit from University City’s close proximity to Miramar, the inland military base.

The Best San Diego Suburbs


For those not wanting to necessarily live within the city limits for one reason or another, the San Diego suburbs are a good alternative.


Solana Beach


This neighborhood is ranked the number one suburb in San Diego for a good reason.

The neighborhood has plenty to offer, most notably easy access to beaches, parks, and recreation.

And with a quick jaunt to downtown San Diego, Solana Beach is a great contender for temporary relocation!




As mentioned in the things to do section, Carlsbad offers plenty to do, especially in the warmer months.

If your employees are not opposed to a short commute for work, Carlsbad can be a great option for housing near San Diego without being locked in the city.




One of the larger suburbs of San Diego, Encinitas is located just off of I-5, the large freeway that will take drivers along the coast to other hubs like Los Angeles or down to Mexico.

If convenient travel access is important when choosing a short-term destination for employees.

Just keep in mind that Encinitas is one of the top places to live in California, which means it’s fairly dense.


Rancho Santa Fe


This suburb is known for a number of things, but one of the most prominent features is the greenery and ruralness.

Out in this direction, you’ll start to see more opportunities for agricultural jobs.

From nearby Lake Hodges to the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, Rancho Santa Fe is a great place to be for the agricultural industry.


How to Find Corporate Housing in San Diego


With a higher cost of living and many professionals flocking to the city, you may be wondering how to find the best corporate housing options for your employees.

Below are just a few options to make the process easier.


Check the Amenities


One of the best ways to begin your search for temporary housing is to look at the amenities your employees need.

While they may vary depending on the nature of your company, a few common amenities desired by business travelers include:


  • Fully furnished apartments
  • Fitness center on site
  • Pet-friendly
  • High-speed internet/ wifi
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • High-quality linens
  • Washer & dryer
  • Business centers
  • Easy access
  • Close proximity to needs (medical center, shopping, etc.)
  • Multi-bedroom apartments


Using this list as a jumping off point, you can begin to consider the housing types available and companies to help achieve your amenity goals.

It’s understandable that being away from your natural element can make working more difficult.

By creating an environment that employees can thrive in, even if temporary, companies can help to ensure the investment of a short-term relocation is worthwhile for all parties.

Securing some of these amenities while staying true to the individual needs of employees is a great way to approach that.


Look at Housing Types


Analyzing which housing type is right for your employee’s temporary housing needs is a good starting point. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each option.


Extended-stay Hotels


A hotel is usually one of the first options that a company will consider when researching places for temporary relocation.

While hotels can seem like an easy, one-off option, they’re usually not productive for employees relocating for weeks or months at a time.

The comfort and safety of your employee should be a top priority, and unfortunately, hotels usually miss the mark.




While it can be tempting to secure a home to rent short-term for an employee, they’re often not worth the burden or cost.

Homes in San Diego are some of the most expensive in the state of California.

The last thing any company wants to do is invest in a costly housing option for a short-term living arrangement.


Corporate Apartments and Condos


If you’re looking for short-term lodging that fits the budget and is designed to make business easier, an apartment is usually a good choice.

Many apartment buildings are central to job hubs and can make short-term relocation easier for employees.

Easing the process even further is opting for a company like Travelers Haven to arrange all of this for you.


Consult Travelers Haven


As mentioned above, Travelers Haven can help to locate short-term housing in San Diego without all of the hassles.

Travelers Haven uses a hands-off approach to find appropriate properties, vet them, and even help with the application process.

Not only does Travelers Haven help your company to secure housing, but they also offer unique benefits like bundled bookings and payments, helping to simplify your accounting.

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San Diego continues to be a standout destination for professionals looking to capitalize on the thriving economy.

Not only does the city offer excellent opportunities in the job market, but San Diego also provides plenty to do, helping to boost the quality of life of employees.

Whether they’re temporarily relocating for four weeks or four months, using Travelers Haven to secure San Diego corporate housing helps to elevate the quality and ease for all parties involved!