Are you planning an extended stay in Portland, Oregon?

Nature lovers will rejoice being between the gorgeous Pacific Coast and Cascade Mountain Range. Even though Portland is one of the larger cities in the country, you can easily find yourself on a trail in no time. You can even explore all of the amenities of a bustling cityscape.

Key Takeaways: Portland, OR is a thriving city with a competitive rental market.

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Additionally, Portland is a hub for many different industries and is quickly becoming a hotspot for corporate relocations.

If you are looking to relocate to Portland temporarily, here is our extensive guide to finding the city’s best corporate housing options.


Portland Neighborhoods by Industry


One thing that makes Portland great is that it is and always will be a unique city. Many different industries call Portland home.

Currently, the most popular industries include tech, manufacturing, and outdoor apparel.

Among all the different neighborhoods in Portland, there are many places for tech workers to call home in the newly deemed Silicon Forest. Portland has a bustling tech scene with long-standing companies and startups popping up all over the city.

Just as forests sprawl out over the land, so do tech industry neighborhoods. If you work in tech, you can find a neighborhood in every district that can meet your interests and needs.


Four Neighborhoods You May Be Staying In


To help you get familiar with the landscape of Portland, it’s good to know that the city is broken up into distinct sections, or quadrants as locals call them.

These areas are divided by the Willamette River and Burnside Street. At the crosspoints of the sections, you’ll become familiar with Central City.

There are over 90 different neighborhoods to explore in Portland. While this may feel overwhelming, it also means that there is a place that is right for anyone that moves to Portland.


Pearl District (NW Portland)


The Pearl District is perfect for those that work in UX/IX, product design, or tech design of any capacity. The former art center of Portland, the Pearl District is still full of art studios, galleries, and murals that give it a creative edge.

You may fill your post-work strolls checking out local artists or picking up a used read from Powell’s City of Books.

You’ll find new condos and corporate apartments in this area, but there is also a charming mix of apartment homes and temporary housing options that make it a desirable spot for corporate housing.

The Pearl District is also an excellent spot for those working in startups. Some startup tech companies that call this area home include Opal, Cloudability, and Vacasa.


Downtown (SW Portland)


Downtown Portland is the most urban part of the city, but with a charming mix of new condos and historic homes. You’ll want to ditch the car, as parking can be difficult in this area.

There are a ton of tech firms like Edgelink and Lytics that will be within walking distance if you live in this area.

Downtown Portland is perfect for the tech worker that likes to brainstorm ideas at happy hour. There is no shortage of amazing restaurants Downtown.

Plus, you are close to the Pearl District and South Waterfront, and plenty of bridges to explore other parts of the city.


Forest Park (NW Portland)


Forest Park is perfectly named, as it’s a combo neighborhood and sprawling urban park. The park itself is over 5,000 acres, complete with bike and walking paths for residents to enjoy.

This is the perfect neighborhood for tech workers who also like to relax and take in Oregon’s gorgeous nature.

Forest Park is also pet-friendly for those who need to walk their furry friends. This is another hub for tech startups and is very community-oriented, so it’s a great place to hike with your neighbors.


Manufacturing and Outdoor Apparel Neighborhoods


North Portland, in general, is a hub for manufacturing and outdoor apparel companies. The Adidas headquarters is located in North Portland, right across the Willamette River from Forest Park. You can easily commute or carpool with other North Portland Adidas team members.

The Nike Headquarters is located in Beaverton, OR. Beaverton offers the perfect middle ground if you want to live close to the city while also having a quick commute to headquarters.

Another great suburban option for those working in manufacturing is Hillsboro. Hillsboro is next to Beaverton and a bit further away from Downtown. This is an excellent choice if you find yourself relocating with the kids.


Costs of Moving to Portland


Relocating to a new city comes with some critical cost considerations. Every budget looks different, but here are some costs to expect when moving to Portland.


The Average Cost of Living in Portland


Each neighborhood of Portland has varying rent prices, but here’s what to expect in the most popular areas of Portland.


North Portland Average Costs


North Portland has many different apartment types and housing options. You can find anything from a luxury condo to a charming, old-school townhouse.

The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in North Portland is $1,625. Overall, this is the average apartment cost throughout the city of Portland.

North Portland encompasses some of the more expensive neighborhoods in the city, such as Pearl District with average apartment prices of $2,000.

If you are only going to be living in the city for a short work stint, you can find modern, condo-style apartments in these areas, complete with fitness centers and other amenities.

The north neighborhoods are a hub for Portland corporate housing. The prices may be higher due to short-term rental options that are well-suited for business travelers. There are also options for fully furnished apartments for short-term stays.


South Portland Average Costs


South Portland is filled with beautifully restored historic homes and more modern builds. If you’re looking for modern or luxury apartment living, you can find it in Downtown Portland (in South Portland based on the quadrant system).

The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Downtown Portland is $1,760.

You can also look into charming house apartments in Buckman/Eliot or smaller new builds with industrial loft vibes. Apartments in this neighborhood run at $1,600 on average.


Average Costs in the Suburbs


Living in the suburbs of a major city can help keep costs down and allows you more budget to go out and explore the city in your free time. Beaverton is one of the most popular suburbs for those working in the manufacturing space.

You can find rental homes or short-term housing in Beaverton for an average of $2,500 for three bedrooms. When you have to move for work, sometimes the whole family gets to move with you.

So looking for a rental home is a great way to get used to the area and figure out if it is where you would like to stay permanently. The average rent of 2-bedroom apartments in Beaverton is $1,795.


Travelers Haven Corporate Relocation Services


Trying to figure out where to live in a new city is daunting, especially when moving for work. Not only are you advancing in your career, but you’re doing it in a completely new place. Instead of filling your post-night work hours with apartment hunting, you can let Travelers Haven take care of it.

When going through a corporate relocation, you’ll pick your preferred housing type and different areas of Portland you’d like to live in. Travelers Haven’s experts pick multiple options to present to you. After seeing the different housing options, you pick the one that works best for you.

That’s it!

They will also help you speak with property management at popular Portland corporate apartments.

The next steps are just:

  • Picking a move-in date
  • Getting the keys
  • Walking in the door

Moving for a corporate relocation doesn’t mean everything else in your life stops. Travelers Haven’s relocation services can make moving to Portland seamless.

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Best Things To Do in Portland


Portland is full of diverse activities for everyone. No matter what you’re into, you’ll find a place to enjoy your favorite hobbies. But if you’re looking to expand your horizons and try something new, here are the best things to do in Portland.


Hiking/Camping: Washington Park


Washington Park is one of Portland’s go-to destinations for hiking and camping.

Gather your goods, get on your hiking boots, and get ready for gorgeous weekends among the trees.

Washington Park is only 2 miles south of Downtown Portland, making it a perfect destination for a day trip. You can find the Oregon Zoo, Japanese Garden, and many other institutions while you’re there.


Mountain Biking


The closest place to go mountain biking in Portland is Forest Park. The park has around 30 miles of mountain biking trails. Most of them rank from easy to intermediate.

If you’re looking for a more challenging ride, you only have to go a little bit outside of Portland to West Haven or Cedar Hills.




The backdrop of every Portland skyline photo features the stunning Mt.Hood. Mt.Hood is less than 2 hours away from Portland proper and offers world-class skiing and riding.

The tallest mountain in Oregon, the snow sticks around until May and sometimes longer if the weather permits. For a quick snowy getaway, it’s the perfect spot to check out.


Portland Art Scene


Portland is known to be a creative city. You can see this in full swing at local galleries and markets. Be sure to enjoy the Portland Saturday Market to check out the best of the local artisans.

The Portland Art Museum is one of the oldest on the West Coast. It is home to wonderful exhibits and modern programming for tourists and locals to enjoy.


Where to Eat and Drink


If you like to eat your way through cities, Portland is for you.

With food trucks and high-end restaurants, as well as coffee and breweries galore, you’ll never have time to eat at the same spot twice.




Portland is home to over 70 breweries. If you have enough time, you might make it a challenge to hit them all!

While it’s hard to pick the best breweries, you can start by learning about them all and creating a bar crawl to pick your favorite.


Coffee Shops


If beer isn’t your thing, you’re in luck:

Portland has a fantastic selection of coffee shops and roasters to choose from!

Notable coffee roasters like Portland Coffee Roasters and Stumptown make a wide variety of beans to try. Swap out your bar crawl for a cafe crawl to truly understand the coffee culture.


Old Town Chinatown


If you’re not sure where to eat and want to try a little bit of everything, take a stroll in Old Town Chinatown.

You’ll see the iconic Portland, Oregon light-up sign in this neighborhood. Make sure to go to their Saturday Market to see all of the different vendors and food selections.


Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Living in Portland


Moving is just the beginning of living in a new city. Here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy day-to-day life in Portland.


Getting Around Portland


Portland is a large city with many suburbs.

If you’d like to easily travel between the city and the forest, you will want a car in Portland. While you don’t need one in the denser parts of the city, it will come in handy to have a car available to you.

If you’re only staying in Portland for a short corporate stint and don’t want to bring a car out there, you can join thousands of other cyclists. Portland has miles of bike lanes, making it easy to get to your destinations by pedaling. Portland even has a month-long bike festival every summer.

As a major city, it of course has a public transportation system that you can use to your advantage. In addition to bus routes, Portland has street cars and the light rail. The light rail easily connects the outer metro to downtown.


Eco-Friendly Living


Portland is a very green city, so be prepared to take your recycling seriously and bring those reusable bags with you wherever you go.

Portland doesn’t offer plastic bags when you shop, even for purchase. Many people also participate in carpools as well as biking frequently.


Surviving the Rainy Weather


The Pacific Northwest is notorious for its gray skies and rainy days.

If you’re someone that loves to soak in the sunshine, Portland could be a tough place to enjoy. But don’t let the weather get you down. Live like the locals and get a sturdy raincoat. You’ll be dancing in the rain in no time.




Portland is the perfect place for laidback vibes and outdoor activities, all without sacrificing the modern amenities of a busy US city. If you find yourself relocating to Portland, be ready for IPA tastings, long hikes in the mountains, and remembering your umbrella. It’s fun to enjoy a short-term corporate stay and easy to wind up finding a permanent home in Portland.

Contact us today and we’ll reach out to discuss if Travelers Haven is the right fit for you or your company.