Nestled in the remote Mojave Desert, surrounded by rugged mountains, sits a tiny glowing dot: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Key Takeaways: Vegas is more than just the strip. Supporting business sectors are growing, and housing is in demand.

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Zoom in, and the glow multiplies into millions of glittering lights, like a colorful explosion of stars.

Growing at over 2% annually, close to 3 million people call Vegas home, and around 40 million tourists a year gather here from all over the world.

A hotspot of life and energy, Las Vegas exists as a glaring contradiction to the stark austerity and peaceful tranquility of the vast high desert that surrounds it.

Pop culture sells an idea of Vegas that most of us are familiar with, but (as Vegas residents know) there’s a lot more to it.

For those searching for long-term rentals for traveling employees, or those considering something more permanent, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Let’s dive into the best corporate housing, short-term on-demand condos and apartment homes Las Vegas, NV has to offer.



Top Vegas Industries


Las Vegas is known worldwide as one of the top destinations for both gaming and entertainment. Bigwigs such as MGM Resorts International, Cesar’s, Wynn Resorts, and Boyd Gaming are all headquartered here.

As far as conventions go, people flock to Vegas to attend every kind imaginable. Its hospitality game is strong; the casinos, restaurants and experiences here are designed to delight and engage as many senses as possible.

As the city continues to expand, there’s a need for additional resources and infrastructure to support this growth. The healthcare and medical industry is constantly expanding, and the information technology sector is growing just as fast.



  • Gaming
  • Hospitality
  • Recreation and Amusement
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology


Clark County is making a big push for economic development as people in more populated states like California flee high costs of living.

Their new slogan? “Bright beyond the lights.”



Before Beginning You Search


One of the key questions anyone looking for corporate apartments needs to ask before they start is:

Where do I look?

Knowing the jobsite’s location on the map helps establish a radius in which to seek housing. Certain parts of Vegas are more walkable than others, and most people like to be within close proximity to where they work.

Additionally, amenities are important. If you’re booking temporary housing for employees, you want to find a place that’s comfortable and convenient.

Make a list of what you’re looking for so you can narrow down the search.

Some of the things on the list may be:


  • WIFI and high-speed internet
  • a closet stacked with fresh linens
  • onsite washer and dryer
  • a fitness center
  • a fully-furnished move-in ready space
  • Great location
  • Budget friendly


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Las Vegas and Surrounding Neighborhoods


At almost 140 square-miles, Las Vegas expands way beyond the infamous strip.

It encompasses a wide range of different neighborhoods, each with their own unique flair.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the more popular neighborhoods, including details of what they offer, and the average cost for rent in each location.




With the McCarran International Airport nearby (close but not so close that low flying planes are constantly overhead) and Red Rock Canyon only 15 minutes away, in Summerlin, you get the best of both city and country, right outside your door!

Summerlin is divided into North, South, and West, and is home to parks, community centers, pools and golf courses.

It has over 200 miles of nearby trails, perfect for walking and biking. Those who live here regularly glimpse wildlife, and enjoy stunning natural views.

There’s an abundance of coffee shops and restaurants, plus some of the traditional Vegas flair, found at the Red Rock Casino. Summerlin has everything that makes it both family-friendly, and desirable for those who love the busier elements of urban life.

Because the Mountain View Hospital is located in Summerlin, health-care workers, professionals, and growing families gravitate to this area.

A potential deterrent is the cost; rent for an average sized apartment in Summerlin South is around $2,381 per month.


The Lakes


It’s a rare treat to have a waterfront property smack dab in the middle of the high desert, yet many residents of The Lakes enjoy this luxury.

At the edge of the shoreline, there’s bright green grass, palm trees, golf courses, and Mediterranean-themed buildings. Purple-gray mountains loom in the distance.

The Lakes is a planned community centered around man-made lakes, the largest of which is named Lake Sahara. Here, people enjoy fishing, boating, or simply catching some rays on the docks.

Located in the Western part of Las Vegas, the neighborhood is older and quieter and mainly residential. The town center is a shopping plaza that has some local restaurants and a mini market. The area itself is walkable, though most people still need a car to get around.

An upside to this area is it’s still pretty affordable; rent costs about $1,492 per month.

The Lakes ranks well for both cultural and economic diversity and is currently ranked as the best place for young professionals to live in the Las Vegas area.


Southern Highlands


As a luxury planned community, Southern Highlands features the best schools, parks, and golf courses.

Quieter than some of the other neighborhoods, this gated community tucked up in the foothills offers gorgeous views, sprawling homes, and is where celebrities and professional athletes tend to gravitate toward.

Known as one of the most expensive places to live in the city, rent for a one-bedroom apartment costs a little over $2,000 per month.


The Las Vegas Strip


The Strip is what most people think of when they picture Las Vegas.

For those who love late nights and fluorescent lights, the strip is the place to be.

A high-energy place with its constant throng of tourists, live music, and entertainment well into the wee hours, the strip attracts younger residents.

People who work in the entertainment and restaurant industry and students tend to live here since the University of Nevada is nearby.

Those who live on the strip are always within walking distance of the best restaurants and endless entertainment options. However, there aren’t many parks, and most of the space is developed.

Because of the late-night party feel, the strip can be pretty noisy at all hours.

A typical price for a one-bedroom apartment on the strip is currently $1,600 per month, depending on size and location.


The Arts District


Those drawn to artistic, trendy spots love this 18-square block, full of cool shops and unique street art. Its popular first Friday art festival – celebrated the first Friday of each month – is complete with live music and food trucks.

Dubbed “the least Vegas neighborhood in Vegas” by The New York Times, this area features bars with boho vibes, warehouses that have been turned into indie art galleries, and tattoo parlors.

Those who frequent this part of town are happy to swap casinos for craft breweries.

All the bars and restaurants found here lend themselves well to a thriving nightlife.

This area is rated as highly walkable, and due to the traffic congestion, walking may be the best way to get around.

Young professionals and singles gravitate to the lofts and other rental properties. On average, the monthly rent for an apartment is $1,187.


The Business District


Adjacent to the Arts District in downtown Las Vegas, you’ll find the business district. This was originally the center of all the action, before the strip was built.

Here you’ll find hotels, high rises, bars, and restaurants galore. This very walkable area has everything anyone could ever hope to find in a business district.

Rent prices are similar to the arts district.


Lake Las Vegas


Not to be confused with The Lakes, Lake Las Vegas is located in nearby Henderson, NV, only a short distance from the bright lights of the strip.

Henderson feels like somewhere else entirely. The area is peaceful and tranquil, with water from the 320-acre freshwater lake gently lapping at the shore.

The homes in the area are designed to maximize the gorgeous views, with large pane-glass windows and sprawling patios offering glimpses of the water and mountains beyond.

This gated community features two award-winning golf courses and a handful of clubhouses. There are trails for hiking and biking and lovely waterfront restaurants.

Saturday nights, there’s usually some sort of live entertainment at the lake for residents to enjoy.

The amenities and quieter nature of this area make it quite appealing to older folk and retirees. It’s a beautiful location close enough to all the action without having to be in the middle of it; great for those who would rather sleep at night rather than stay out until closing time.

Apartment rentals usually start at around $1,950 per month.




Located at the foothills of the Sierras, Paradise comes with breathtaking scenery and spans 46.7 miles. It’s near enough to Las Vegas Blvd to be convenient, without all of the extra overwhelm.

There are a lot of housing options, restaurants, bars, and things to do. Paradise has an urban feel, and families and young professionals make up a large portion of residents. This area is growing rapidly.

Renting in Paradise costs an average of $1,073 per month.



Things to See and Do (some that tourists don’t know about!)


While some of the popular hotspots, such as the Neon Boneyard and Mob Museum are fun to explore, there are many other less touristy destinations.




If you love sightseeing, be sure to visit the Stratosphere Observation Deck, where you get a bird’s eye view of the city.

Next, head to Fremont Street. Known as “glitter gulch.” This pedestrian-only thoroughfare is in the heart of downtown Vegas (ok, we haven’t ditched the tourists just yet) and features fun shops and restaurants, even a zipline.

Elvis fans, go all out and embrace the kitsch by going on a Pink Cadillac after-dark tour, chauffeured by none other than the King himself.

Hop-on-Hop-off bus tours are an excellent way to see the city at your own pace. Sit atop the open-air double-decker bus, and if you see something you like, hop off to explore. When you’re done, hop back on board. With party bus options and more low-key rides, there’s no shortage of buses to choose from.

Make a day of it and venture outside the city to visit Nelson Ghost Town and the Hoover Dam.




From Cirque du Soleil to A-list performers, Vegas knows what it’s doing and spares no expense to keep you entertained.

Venture beyond the better-known venues and casinos, and you won’t be disappointed. Laugh until your belly aches at the Comedy Cellar, and catch some live music at the delightfully dingy dive, the Double Down Saloon.

Make your NASCAR dreams come true at the Richard Petty Driving Experience, or simply take in all the sights and free entertainment.




With the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks a mere hop, skip, and a jump away, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas are just begging to be explored.

A short half hour from the strip, you’ll find Lake Mead, formed by the Hoover Dam. Enjoy a day on Boulder Beach, swimming or relaxing as you float on an innertube.

Visit Ash Meadows, a unique wildlife refuge deep in the Mojave Desert. Spend your time unwinding as you marvel at birds and other rare, unique critters, like the chuckwalla and pupfish.

Explore Red Rock Canyon, just 15 minutes away, a rock climber’s dream. Those who prefer to have their feet on the ground are free to enjoy the hiking trails. Be sure to visit the Spring Mountain Ranch while you’re there.

Escape the sweltering summer heat and head for higher ground. Mount Charleston towers 12,000 feet above sea level and is a popular summer destination complete with cool breezes, wildflower-strewn meadows, a hotel, restaurants, and even a day spa.



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Vegas is an exciting place with a lot going on.

That can make it somewhat overwhelming. However, finding the ideal rental properties shouldn’t be. Contact us, and we’ll help you find the right corporate housing for your workforce and customize it with furnishings and housewares that meet their needs.