San Antonio, Texas has a population of over one million residents and counting. This impressive number is attributed to the state and local governments' focus on building and sustaining employment opportunities like yours.

You’re heading here on an extended business trip and want to find corporate housing that fits your needs. No matter how many specifics you have, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Even better, you don’t have to search for the needle in a San Antonio-sized haystack. We have your full guide to corporate housing in the city below.


Major Industries In San Antonio


San Antonio is centralized between both coasts while being close to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s only natural that it has become a key area for various industries. Click here to view our corporate housing.

On top of that prime geography, the city partners with the greater area, SATX, to attract more businesses. Working together with all of the smaller governments, San Antonio’s leaders continually revamp infrastructure, invest in better roads and public services, and still manage to keep property taxes low.

As a result, business is booming for a diverse range of product and service providers here.

While everyone is welcome, there are some industries that San Antonio is known for, like these five public and private sectors.

Healthcare And Bioscience


Many major global healthcare enterprises have facilities here, like:

  • Medtronic
  • 3M
  • Becton Dickinson

These companies target biotech, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, biologic, and general healthcare.

Some of the top medical centers are in San Antonio, too.

South Texas Medical Center and the University of Texas Health and Science Center call San Antonio home, and all military education and training in the medical field are performed here.

Additionally, SATX hosts the only Department of Defense Burn Center and multiple military trauma and research centers.



The aerospace industry is a niche area of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and many of those experts work in San Antonio.

At the US Army Air Corps’ Kelly Field, training, education, and research occur side-by-side with maintenance, repairs, and the building of flight vessels. NASA’s astronauts come to Kelly Field to train.

This key location attracts other aerospace companies to the Port San Antonio area, and Alamo College Aerospace Academy provides education geared to the aerospace industry.

Information Technology And Cybersecurity


Cloud computing through open collaboration is part of San Antonio’s information technology culture.

Ideas, innovation, startups, education, and research resources fill the landscape with the second-largest concentration of the country’s cybersecurity professionals.

These bright minds are building workforce initiatives and expanding the cybersecurity sector in San Antonio and beyond.

New Energy Economy


Texas and oil are almost synonymous. But in San Antonio today, the focus has switched to creating new energy forms.

2010’s adoption of Mission Verde (Mission Green) meant the move toward a clean energy economy.

The city offers incentives to businesses that provide green jobs and follow practices geared toward a sustainable economy. Companies that want to build their reputation as leaders in this field often set up facilities in San Antonio.

Military – Joint Base San Antonio


JBSA is under United States Air Force jurisdiction. The base is the result of merging the US Army’s Fort Sam Houston and the Air Force’s Randolph and Lackland bases.

Military personnel, government staff, and civilian contractors come here for training, education, and work, but their stays are typically temporary.

Extended workforce housing options are a must around the base.

Perks Of Working In A Major San Antonio Industry


The city caters to these industries by offering tax incentives, critical infrastructure, and other benefits.

You’ll notice these corporate perks in the variety of furnished apartments and other short-term rentals offered near central locations for nomadic workers.

If you’re booking on-demand housing for a team of professionals in any of these industries, you’ll need a plan for success. Learn about how to create an employee-friendly housing strategy.


Top San Antonio Neighborhoods For Professionals


It’s not surprising that in a city as massive as San Antonio, there is almost an endless number of neighborhoods. But when working in a particular industry, some areas are more convenient than others.

CPS Energy provides the city’s electricity resources, while the San Antonio Water System takes care of all water-related needs.

With such a vast IT sector servicing the city, you’ll have your choice of many high-speed internet and cable service providers, no matter where you choose to live.

But which neighborhoods are in the best location for your daily commute to work?

Here we’ll break down a few of the most popular neighborhoods and what type of workers they attract.



Downtown is famous for the San Antonio River Walk, considered the city’s heart. The history of San Antonio is shared and embraced here, and much of the area is accessible by e-bike or on foot.

Forms of entertainment lining the River Walk include:

  • Market Square
  • Shops at Rivercenter
  • Art museums
  • Gardens

Because of its convenient proximity to Kelly Field and the still-used Lackland military base, the Downtown neighborhoods attract military personnel on temporary assignments and people in the aerospace industry.

The apartment communities and townhomes here are also popular with Mission Verde business workers as the city continues to work on making Downtown run on sustainable energy.

Alamo Heights


Alamo Heights connects to the main street, Broadway, and is the cultural neighborhood of San Antonio. Upscale boutiques, eateries, and fine dining establishments line the blocks.

This is the preferred neighborhood for those in the healthcare and bioscience sectors because it’s only 10-15 miles from many of the large medical and pharmaceutical facilities.

Eastside/Sunset Station


Eastside and Sunset Station are full of diversity, displayed proudly in the landmarks and businesses in the area. It’s a busy place full of dining, shopping, and entertainment, and the suburb of Dignowity Hill is a coveted neighborhood close by.

The area is also revitalizing to bring its historical buildings into green-friendly living.

If you’re headed to San Antonio for a construction project, the best location for your preference might just be the one closest to the job site. Read more about construction worker housing.


Attractions That Bring In Businesses Around San Antonio


Remember the Alamo?

It’s one of the region’s top attractions, originally called Mission San Antonio de Valero.

But there are many more reasons why so many people head to this city as a vacation and work destination.

All the famous places to see and things to do bring in interest from new entrepreneurs and expanding corporations. These businesses, in turn, attract temporary and permanent workers who need workforce lodging from northwest San Antonio to the very southern borders.

A laundry list of employers in the state provides thousands of jobs, the top ones including H-E-B plus! (grocery), USAA (insurance), and the military bases.

In fact, an important Veterans Administration (VA) hospital system is in San Antonio, bringing in patients and top medical personnel from all over the country.

Things To Do In San Antonio


Industries like these are important to the economy, but so is tourism. New Braunfels and Gruene are major Texas tourist hotspots, and they’re only 40 minutes from San Antonio.

There is always Seaworld or Six Flags Fiesta Texas, too.

Take some time to play the role of a tourist and check out these more local hotspots:

When you’ve settled into your new temporary home, finding things to do to stay entertained won’t be hard.

You might enjoy yourself so much that you’ll join the hundreds of thousands of others who come to San Antonio and make it their permanent home.


Narrowing Down Your Corporate Housing Options In San Antonio


These neighborhoods are just a few of the hundreds of potential areas you could choose from. Typing “apartments for rent in San Antonio” will bring up over 12 million results.

Instead of sorting through them all and hoping you hit the jackpot, why not turn your search over to the experts?

Put The Hard Work In Travelers Haven’s Hands


Travelers Haven has the long-term skills and knowledge to take the stress out of your hands. We have access to an almost unlimited number of individualized short-term housing options.

Because our partners know the San Antonio area, we can help you laser-focus on the right neighborhood for your career needs.

Then it’s time to pick the kind of home you want to live in for your extended stay.

  • Do you need pet-friendly rentals?
  • Easy access to a fitness center?
  • A washer & dryer in your home?
  • A loft near the golf course?
  • Are condos with a swimming pool your preference?

These are details that you want, and we can make them happen.

We also work with furniture and decor retailers to design our clients’ dream temporary housing within their budgets and desired location, as well as the given floor plan. We even set up and disconnect utility services and bundle all expenses into one convenient monthly payment.

All it takes is to initiate contact with Travelers Haven, and our team will reach out to you to determine your next steps.

Have you covered all the details you or your team wants in their temporary homes? Are you missing any necessary amenities? Read more about what to look for in furnished short-term rentals.




With over one million people living in San Antonio at any given time, it’s a given that there will be a lot of neighborhoods to scour to find the right workforce housing home.

Before you spend hours searching for the ideal corporate apartment and possibly settling for less than you want, contact Travelers Haven.

Our team of experts will listen to your requests, no matter how big or small.