As Voted By Customers, The Workforce Housing Provider Excelled in Responsiveness and Overall Customer Satisfaction

MoveCenter today announced that Travelers Haven was selected for this prestigious award over thousands of other suppliers. As supplier of the year, Travelers Haven has achieved the high-performance standards necessary to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the global economy.

““Being named a global supplier of the year is an incredible honor, and it’s great to know that our customers appreciate the hard work our team puts in every day,” said Ryn Jarrett, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Travelers Haven. “At Travelers Haven, we’re committed to expanding workforce housing on-demand so that traveling professionals in industries like healthcare and construction can always have a place to call home when on the job.” ”

Ryn Jarrett, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Travelers Haven

MoveCenter uses survey results from customers to assess which suppliers are  The three most heavily weighted areas of scoring were (in order):  willingness to “go the extra mile” to not just satisfy, but delight clients, responsiveness/customer friendliness of the coordinator(s), transferee surveys/feedback, and quality of facilities/equipment. Travelers Haven’s account team has worked hard to provide the best accommodations for customers, knowing that many customers are hardworking professionals who need a comfortable place to stay after a day on the job site.

“"All of our supplier partners are integral to our success in meeting and exceeding the demanding requirements of our global customer base,” said Heisha K. Freeman, Chief Customer Officer of MoveCenter. "We are very pleased to recognize Traveler’s Haven for providing outstanding customer support while delivering excellent quality and delivery performance at a competitive cost.””

Heisha K. Freeman, Chief Customer Officer of MoveCenter

About the MoveCenter Global Supplier of the Year Award

The evaluation process assesses key attributes such as availability, responsiveness customer friendliness, and a willingness to “go the extra mile” to not just satisfy, but delight clients.  In addition to this subjective feedback, MoveCenter evaluates quantifiable metrics, including survey results, the variance between estimates and actual prices, timeliness and accuracy of invoices, legal compliance, and adherence to client requirements and SLA’s.  Find the Move Center Global Supplier of the Year Award online at

About Travelers Haven

Travelers Haven is the leading provider of workforce housing-on-demand for nomadic workers in specialized industries, including construction, health care, disaster relief, infrastructure and more. Since 2008, Travelers Haven’s proven network, relationships and services has offered the fast and highly customizable sourcing of temporary housing, anywhere in the U.S. Travelers Haven secures the best housing at the best rates, and manages every aspect of the short-term housing process to save clients money, time and stress. Travelers Haven offers unparalleled support and a complete suite of tools and features to inform and optimize every housing program. For more information, go to

About MoveCenter

MoveCenter is an award-winning, global Relocation Management Company that was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California.  It is a woman-owned business that operates as a strategic supplier for multinational corporations, privately owned companies and U.S. government agencies.  MoveCenter offers a full range of employee relocation and assignment management services in over 150 countries.  The company is dedicated to upholding the same high standards of customer relations today as it has for decades.  For additional information about MoveCenter, call 800.668.3471, email, or visit