Access to knowledge that advances associates in their career is a priority for Travelers Haven. Despite being in the midst of our busiest season yet, team members were still encouraged to take a pause and feed the mind with valuable work and life lessons.

The company has offered their education leadership series for several years and it has only continued to expand in content and presenters. It was originally born from a realization that so many associates were promoting into leadership positions as they grew with the company and in their careers, but this left them with a gap in key leadership knowledge and management tools. The TH leadership team put their heads together and came up with a relevant and engaging curriculum that has continued to evolve and grow ever since.

The current leadership series is comprised of weekly sessions led by various leaders and highlighting topics such as time management, problem solving, interview skills, change management, Excel, working remote, and much more. These interactive sessions have been well received with high voluntary attendance. Several associates came away with feedback that these have helped them not only at work, but in their day to day lives. They shared with us that it also gave them the opportunity to work across teams, with other departments they would not interact with otherwise, giving them broader perspective and deeper connection with their peers.

The fall/ winter series is now in the finalization process as associates get to choose what topics mean the most to them and which internal subject matter experts will be selected to lead each.

Professional development and education is a core theme for Travelers Haven and a benefit to associates that have the desire to grow, both at work in their personal lives. Read more about the origin, evolution, and value of the leadership series in the 2021 interview by Wishlist with CEO, Carlos Abisambra here.