Dubbed the “Mile High City” for its high elevation and mountainous landscape, Denver, Colorado is one of the most breathtaking cities in the U.S.

Dubbed the “Mile High City” for its high elevation and mountainous landscape, Denver, Colorado is one of the most breathtaking cities in the U.S. Click here to view our Denver listings.

Many flock to Colorado’s capital city to enjoy the panoramic views and taste local brews. Others hang their hats in Denver for a few months while traveling for a short-term job in the science and communication sectors.

Sound familiar?

Luckily, Denver is as lively as it is scenic — making it the perfect place to snag short-term housing for traveling workers.

In this guide, you’ll learn about Denver’s top neighborhoods, local attractions, and how to find the perfect fully-furnished apartment or corporate housing.


Top Neighborhoods In Denver And Their Industries


Denver is a thriving city home to many unique industries. With sectors from aerospace to healthcare and wellness, you may be sending your workers to Denver for a variety of reasons.

Every neighborhood in Denver can be linked to a blossoming industry.

Here’s a guide to help you figure out the best place for employees to live for a short time in Denver, CO. In corporate relocation, different industries tend to thrive in specific neighborhoods.


Healthcare: Gateway/Green Valley Ranch


Denver’s Gateway and Green Valley Ranch neighborhood is a hot spot for healthcare businesses. There are a plethora of home healthcare companies and medical centers.

With plenty of new developments and housing options, there is flexibility in living situations and rental timelines. This makes it a great spot for short-term rentals and corporate apartments.

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Finance: Hampden


Close to the business center of the metro area, Hampden has a little bit of everything for those working in the finance sector.

The neighborhood also offers six different parks nearby. For those who like a balance of work and outdoor activities, there are bike lanes and walking paths for an after-work stroll.

Employees can also enjoy quick public transportation from Hampden to downtown Denver for meetings and office visits.


Utilities: Bear Valley


Bear Valley is a smaller neighborhood in the Denver metro. If moving to a city may be a big adjustment for employees, Bear Valley offers a more suburban feel while still being close to all Denver attractions.

Many people living in Bear Valley work in the electric and engineering fields, making it a great home base for those relocating for utility work.


Information: Hampden South


The information and tech industries never cease to expand.

Located close to Denver’s tech center, Hampden South has become a desirable area for those industry workers.

It has a mix of home styles that can make relocating for work easy and affordable, including:

  • Condos
  • Apartments
  • Townhomes
  • Lofts

Being close to the Denver tech center also allows residents easy access to public transportation.


Aerospace: South Denver


South Denver is home to almost 20% of the city’s aerospace employment.

South Denver is a great home base if you are looking for jobs in aerospace or sending employees for some extra hands.

Not only is it close to jobs, but it’s still in Denver proper. That means they can enjoy everything the city offers without the hassle of a long commute.


Relocating To Denver: What You Need To Know


Moving to a new city is a big undertaking, especially if you’re looking for multiple employees or a short-term stay (or both).

Luckily, Denver has many different corporate housing options and short-term accommodations for those that need furnished spaces.

Denver also has many family-friendly areas if needed, like Aurora, Englewood, Littleton, and Cherry Creek.


Typical Housing Costs


Housing costs in Denver are on par with other American metropolitan areas.

The average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,400 per month. This may go up if you want to rent a furnished apartment or a floor plan with multiple bedrooms. But that also means you don’t have to incur the cost of buying new furniture for a temporary stay.

Your rent price can also change if you are looking at temporary housing versus an extended stay.

Other factors may include:

  • Pet-friendly
  • In-unit washer and dryer or hookup
  • High-speed internet

You will always be able to find WiFi when looking for apartments in Denver; it just might cost a little more for high-speed internet like fiber optic.


Cost Of Living


The cost of living in Denver is steadily increasing year over year and is about 14% higher than the national average. This is dependent on the jobs that are offered as well as the rent prices.

Going out to eat and grabbing drinks can push your budget even higher. But with a plethora of local breweries, you’ll probably want to try a local craft beer or two.

Denver has a ton of free activities, with plenty of hiking and beautiful nature spots right outside the city limits.

So even though the cost of living is on the higher side, it’s worth it for the high quality of life.


Let Travelers Haven Help You Find Your Next Denver Corporate Housing


Finding corporate housing and dealing with property management on your own can be overwhelming.

Travelers Haven can help you find the best on-demand housing solutions in Denver and take care of the logistical nightmare that comes with moving to a new city.

The best part is these locations are already furnished and move-in ready!

All your employees need to bring are their personal belongings they’d like to travel with; we’ll have the bed made and couch ready for afterwork TV time. You want to be comfortable in your living space, even if it is for a short period.

Travelers Haven can give you highly-researched short term housing options based on your housing preferences anywhere in the country.

No need to contact the utility companies ahead of time either; you’ll receive one convenient monthly bill with all items already included.

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Popular Attractions Nearby


If you’ve seen a photo of Denver’s skyline, you’ll also notice the 10-mile mountain range in the background.

Denver is a key spot for those that love a mix of city life and outdoor activities.

It’s also great for business travelers because of its mix of different attractions. If you’re going to be living in Denver for a short time, here are some popular spots you must check out.


Larimer Square


If you want to see the sites and enjoy a little bit of everything that Denver offers, you can’t miss Larimer Square.

This district is home to a plethora of:

  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Historic sites


Art Museum


Downtown Denver offers many attractions for those interested in arts and culture.

One must-see stop is the Denver Art Museum.

This modern, metal building is a piece of art itself, twisting and warping into the sky. Inside, you can enjoy different exhibits and get a taste of downtown Denver during your visit.


Rocky Mountain National Park


For the adventurers out there, Denver is a short drive from Rocky Mountain National Park.

The park has activities that everyone can enjoy, like:

  • Famous hiking trails
  • Incredible rock climbing
  • Quiet camping sites

If the bustle of the city is a little too much, you can head out to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy a day off the grid. Swing by Boulder on your way back to cross that town off your bucket list too!


Skiing & Snowboarding


Denver is located about an hour away from some of the best skiing in the country.

If you check out a map of the city, you’ll see that the I-70 corridor can take you from the bustle of downtown to the serene mountains in no time.

If you want to stay closer to the city, check out Loveland. But if you don’t mind taking some weekend trips, be sure to visit some world-class resorts like Keystone, Breckenridge, and Copper. Not to mention gems like Arapahoe Basin.

There’s a different mountain for every type of snow sports enthusiast.

If you’re just starting to learn or are a seasoned skier or snowboarder, you can have a great time enjoying the mountains and still get back to Denver in time for work on Monday.




The food scene in Denver is ever-evolving and becoming quite the place to enjoy a five-star meal.

Here are some dining destinations you can’t miss while living in town.


Guard and Grace


Voted the best steakhouse for eight years in a row, Guard and Grace is a go-to for meat lovers.

The restaurant emphasizes wood-fired meals and creative combinations of different flavors.

You can enjoy dinner with family and friends, or get in touch for private events with colleagues.


The Bindery


The Bindery is a refreshing spot that you’ll want to check out any time of day.

But if you’re looking for somewhere for an after-work happy hour, you’ve found your scene.

The restaurant creates inspired dining options for all occasions. Whether sit-down or on the go, you can get a great bite at The Bindery.




If you like experiencing different flavors, Safta is the place for you.

Mixing the culinary landscapes of the Middle East, Safta offers meals inspired by countries like:


  • Israel
  • Morocco
  • Greece


Services In Denver


Even if you’re moving for a short time, it’s important to know the basics of the city you’re about to live in.

Here are some tips about the different services and everyday needs you’ll run into in Denver.




If you need urgent help, call 911.

Like every major city, Denver has a large emergency services department. You can check out the city guide to emergency services for more in-depth information.

Denver also has walk-in clinics to help with health-related issues. If you’re only living in Denver for a couple of months, walk-in clinics can help with medical issues while you’re away from your primary care provider.




Denver offers an extensive public transportation system that can get you almost anywhere in the city without a car. If you are moving to Denver for work and don’t want to bring a car — or provide one long-term for an employee — they can rely on public transportation to get around the city.

The system includes buses and light rails, making it easy to get to and from the airport, hubs like Union Station, or suburbs outside the main city area.




When living in Denver, you can get groceries from a mix of big-name stores and mom-and-pop grocers. Sometimes you can find the best products at reasonable prices from these local spots.

The average cost of groceries for a single person in Colorado is about $300 a month.

Denver also has a couple of farmers’ markets in the spring and summer if you like to shop for local produce.




Denver has shopping options for every type of consumer.

Whether you need hiking gear for a weekend getaway or an outfit for the office, you can find them here.

Denver has a few unique shopping districts, each with something different. If you’re looking for boutiques or antiques, there’s a district for you.




No matter how long you or your coworkers are staying, Denver is an incredible city to take some time to explore.

Every corner has a neighborhood with other like-minded individuals. Plus, the work-life balance of living in a city that is so close to nature can be a breath of fresh air.

From industry hubs to outdoor activities and a little something in between, everyone can find joy in the Mile High City.

Contact us today. We’ll give you a quick preliminary phone call to determine if Travelers Haven is right for you.