Stretching out over an area of 665 square miles, Houston, Texas is massive but not too densely populated.

Although parts of the city are known for their “walkability” with their access to restaurants, shops, and amenities, it’s vital to learn exactly where you’re going to spend most of your work time before settling on corporate housing. And most of you will want a car. It’s hot most of the year and amenities are spread out in most areas.

This guide narrows down your options to help you land your lease in the areas where you need to be. Click here to view our Houston listings.


Major Areas In Houston And Their Industries

It’s nearly impossible to describe Houston in only a few words. The city is a metropolis full of distinctly different neighborhoods, with atmospheres ranging from slow-paced to eclectic living styles. You might feel like you’re in a different city (or even state) depending on whether you’re in the Galleria area or in Montrose, Katy or Kingwood.

You’ll even find residents of Houston who have lived there all their lives and still haven’t explored everything the city offers.

Most people, especially tourists and short-term visitors like yourself, tend to congregate in one of these favorite neighborhoods:


Downtown Houston


Like any major metropolis, Houston’s Downtown area consists of the Theater and Historic Districts, and is where most major businesses are centrally located.

Downtown Houston is the destination for sports lovers who want to watch the Astros or Rockets play home games.

The Theater District attracts audiences interested in seeing operas, concerts, and plays at the Houston Ballet, Grand Opera, Society for the Performing Arts, and other live entertainment venues.

Because this area is full of visitors coming for a few days or an extended stay, you’ll find plenty of temporary apartments and other short-term rentals located Downtown.


Galveston Bay


Galveston Bay is the go-to neighborhood for anyone that needs to be near NASA’s Space Center Houston or wants to stay by the water. Galveston has 32 miles of beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.

Visitors to this neighborhood can enjoy attractions like the Pleasure Pier adventure park, Bryan Museum, and Bishop’s Palace.

The businesses here are mostly geared toward tourists, but you’ll find resort-style housing available.




A thriving international district, Chinatown encompasses six square miles southwest of Downtown. The neighborhood has the second-largest Indochinese population in the country, and this culture dominates the shops and restaurants found here.

You’ll find plenty to do in this cultural mecca, including lodging with an authentic ambiance in and near Chinatown.


Medical Center


Houston boasts the largest concentration of medical experts, researchers, and physicians worldwide.

These scholars work and teach at well-known healthcare facilities such as:

  • Texas Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
  • Baylor College of Medicine

If your job takes you to Houston’s cutting-edge medical hub, you’ll enjoy easy mass public transit and upper-class lodging nearby.


Bay Area Houston


What do seafood, water recreation, and nature preserves all have in common?

They’re part of Bay Area Houston’s tourist attractions and are a few reasons why this area is a favorite for Texas residents.

The Bay Area is known for its impressive neighborhoods, high employment, and low crime rate. Incomes here are above-average, and there’s something to do for everyone.

Minutes from the beaches of Galveston and the sports arenas and entertainment venues of Houston, the Bay Area is a preferred temporary home for many nomadic workers.


North Suburbs


Oil and gas from Exxon and big tech corporate with HP Enterprise draw professionals to the North Suburbs. These neighborhoods, like The Woodlands, are typically middle to upper class and home to employees of corporations like JP Morgan and Chevron.

Short-term housing solutions here will be more luxurious, with amenities like swimming pools and large floor plans.

Other popular neighborhoods for business travelers are dotted throughout the city, in places like Uptown, Memorial/Energy, and the Museum District.


Top Houston Neighborhoods For Nomadic Workers

Now that you have a general overview of the areas that make up Houston, the question is, which one has your next furnished apartment rental?

If you’re concerned about whether you’ll have powerful utility providers, you’ll be happy to know every area is covered similarly.

TXU Energy services the greater Houston area, the City of Houston handles the water needs of most neighborhoods, and high-speed internet is available from many of the top ISPs.

So any neighborhood is a good choice for utilities. But what about location?

You’re in Houston to work, and you want to live in a neighborhood that makes this task easier. Here we delve into top industries and match your profession and neighborhood for you.


Young Professionals


This segment of the working class demographic may be traveling with a family and pets — or the idea of having one or the other someday.

If that sounds like you, Midtown has the furnished corporate apartments you’re looking for.

Urban living characterizes this mostly walkable neighborhood. Everything you need to raise a family is nearby, and the housing market is affordable.

If you’re not sold yet, here’s one more statistic to help you decide: according to recent polls, Midtown is the safest neighborhood in Houston.


Healthcare Industries


If you prefer to be in the heart of the city (where the action and culture thrive) but you work in the medical industry, Downtown Houston solves your dilemma.

Located about five miles from the major healthcare facilities, Downtown neighborhoods are ideal for anyone who enjoys big city living. Restaurants, convenience/grocery stores, gyms, shops, and entertainment are spaced alongside lofts and apartments surrounded by green lawns.

Take the METRORail stop directly to your workplace, or drive the quick commute.

Rent is a little more per month than the Midtown homes, but it’s still on the average end of the spectrum.

Even armed with this information before your temporary move, the process can still be a challenge. We’ll explain some extra methods to find proper housing as a nomadic healthcare worker here.




Apartments near the University of Houston run along the streets across from campus in the Second Ward district. This neighborhood is known for its diverse culture, affordable living, and public transportation accessibility.

Rice University students will also find affordable apartments in Rice Village, West University, and Bellaire.

Buffalo Bayou Park provides plenty of room for outdoor activities with over 160 acres of trails, and Downtown Houston is only a few minutes east of Second Ward.

There you’ll find 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, furnished lofts, and studio apartments.

You’ll also enjoy business centers that provide students with free WiFi to help them succeed.


Financial/Oil And Gas


Looking for an upscale place away from the bustling city streets — but still close enough when you need them?

Check out Sugar Land or Westchase, two of the safest neighborhoods in Houston.

Westchase houses over 1,500 businesses, many of whom are major financial, oil, and gas employers.


Houston Corporate Housing Options


You’ve chosen the neighborhood that works best for the reason you’re in Houston. The next step is to decide what type of home will give you the most comfort and satisfaction.

How you search for your temporary lodging determines the options you have. For instance, if you look for rentals without the help of someone who knows what they’re doing, you will have limited results.


How Working With Travelers Haven Can Help


Using an expert like Travelers Haven opens your options up to a nearly unlimited realm of individualized lodgings. The types of homes and their costs are determined by you, not the market.

Our company specializes in workforce housing on-demand for nomadic individuals, families, and groups. Our unique model lets us serve your temporary housing needs at any time, customized to your taste and budget.

When you do a rental home search on another online platform, you enter basic filters, like how many bedrooms, whether you’d like a fitness center, and what city you’re seeking.

There are three main issues with this type of search, not counting the time you’re spending on it:

  1. You don’t know the neighborhoods the results are sending you to.
  2. You’re stuck with whatever is available in the area.
  3. You can’t always finagle a rental without signing a long-term contract, usually for a year.

Travelers Haven solves these concerns.

You choose the neighborhood you want and the type of home you’ll be most comfortable in.

Give us your budget, preferred amenities, and decor style. We’ll set you up with a home full of everything from a well-equipped kitchen with all the necessary houseware, to a washer and dryer on-site.

Best of all, there are no long-term leases to worry about or utility providers to set up. We handle all of the logistics for you.

Before applying, it’s important to learn everything there is to know about corporate housing. We’ll discuss the definition of the term at length so you can make this longer trip a success.


Houston As A Prime Business Location

Houston was recently named a top city for business startups, and it’s easy to see why. The fourth-largest city in the country is a healthcare epicenter, space innovator, and oil pioneer.

With these innovators and up-and-comers, it’s not surprising that your job is taking you here. You’ll be surrounded by many other professionals looking for workforce housing.

Who can you expect to run into in the corporate sector?

While you make Houston your home and build your network, you’ll find colleagues working for one of 24 Fortune 500 companies, such as:

  • Phillips 66
  • Sysco
  • NRG Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Occidental Petroleum
  • Crown Castle International

Four percent of the nation’s largest companies are housed primarily in Houston, cementing the city as the third-most popular in the state for Fortune 500 headquarters.




Houston’s reputation for big business and successful entrepreneurial practices continues to thrive. You’re now part of the professional culture bringing new ideas and energy to the city.

Your job is waiting for you; you just need a place to stay and then you’re ready to start.

Can Travelers Haven get you set up in your ideal home and streamline your search for on-demand housing? Contact us with some basic information about your potential stay, and then we’ll give you a quick call to determine your next step.