Travelers Haven Introduces Workforce Housing-On-Demand, Solving the Temporary Housing Gap

Travelers Haven Introduces Workforce Housing-On-Demand, Solving the Temporary Housing Gap

New Category Supports Disaster Relief Crews, Medical Professionals, Construction Workers, and Others In the Growing Nomadic Workforce

Travelers Haven today announced a new category of housing solutions, Workforce Housing-On-Demand, to eliminate a critical workforce housing gap – providing nomadic workers in specialized industries such as construction, healthcare, and consulting with an easier, more flexible way to secure short-term housing that feels like home.

From providing hurricane relief, to supporting the suburban housing boom, to assisting with vaccinations, and more, hundreds of specialized workers are called upon each year to travel from place to place to work for extended periods of time. These specialists need a place to live quickly – but a hotel or AirBnB just isn’t enough for the three, six, nine months or more they need to stay until their job is complete. This is where traditional workforce housing has continuously fallen short.

By contrast, workforce housing-on-demand is a full-service solution that lets anyone find and customize housing for nomadic specialists from an expansive virtual inventory of possibilities, placing workers into the right place at the right time with complete flexibility. All of the set up, tear down, billing and any other loose ends that might come up gets taken care of by Travelers Haven. The customer simply provides specific destination and accommodation criteria and then, using their proprietary network of leases, agreements and partners, Travelers Haven assembles the perfect solution in any city, large or small. To the customers, it just gets done.

“The task of finding temporary workforce housing for a company’s employees or contractors often rests on an ops manager, HR Manager, office manager or assistant or, in some cases a VP or executive. ‘Finding housing for colleagues’ is not typically in their job description – and while necessary, adding this to their plate creates additional stress,” said Carlos Abisambra, CEO of Travelers Haven. “What may take a travel organizer many hours, extra expense and a lot of frustration is solved simply by our unique scaled approach to housing and our proven network.”

Travelers Haven’s team of dedicated professionals have assembled an extensive database of virtual inventory that spans every U.S. city and town, along with agreements with furniture vendors, utilities, broadband providers and everything else needed to set up a house or apartment. The company’s expansive network of relationships means it can secure housing that no one else can, in any location – from the duration and terms required, to the number of rooms and amenities needed, right down to the desired neighborhood and street. Travelers Haven finds housing that fits the specific timing and furnishing needs of the provider, while saving them from wading through hundreds of listings. And because the service isn’t filling fixed inventory but instead drawing from on-demand inventory, it can usually find housing at lower cost than traditional corporate housing – saving businesses an average of 34 percent off standard rates. Everything is then wrapped up in one monthly invoice at a competitive rate to provide customers with a truly stress-free process.

“Providing customizable, safe, quality housing is crucial in our industry. We place traveling healthcare professionals nationwide and, as a result, we have high expectations with our drastically varied housing requests. Travelers Haven is there to meet and exceed all of our needs – urban and rural placements, fully furnished or unfurnished units, pet friendly options, varying lease terms, unexpected early lease ends, extensions…you name it!” said Stacie Prusha, Housing and Travel Manager at Medical Solutions, a leading provider of healthcare staffing solutions. “Medical Solutions has a true partnership with Travelers Haven and we rely on their team of experts working with us to make sure our healthcare professionals get the best housing accommodations at the best price with the best customer service possible.”

“Workforce housing-on-demand is more than temporary housing for construction or healthcare workers. It’s highly customizable, catered to workers’ specific needs and all done as quickly as possible, allowing for a quick response to a health crisis or a natural disaster,” Abisambra said. “We are eliminating this workforce housing gap to allow these nomadic specialists to do what’s most important: their jobs.”

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Travelers Haven is the leading provider of workforce housing-on-demand for nomadic workers in specialized industries, including construction, health care, disaster relief, infrastructure and more. Since 2008, Travelers Haven’s proven network, relationships and services has offered the fast and highly customizable sourcing of temporary housing, anywhere in the U.S. Travelers Haven secures the best housing at the best rates, and manages every aspect of the short-term housing process to save clients money, time and stress Travelers Haven offers unparalleled support and a complete suite of tools and features to inform and optimize every housing program. For more information, go to