Atlanta is a mega-city, with hundreds of small neighborhoods within its boundaries.

Finding a furnished apartment there can be confusing if you’re not sure exactly where in the area you want to go.

Which one will be your (or your employee’s) next temporary home? Click here to view our Atlanta housing listings.

How do you pick an area when you’re unsure what’s around it?

Once you do narrow down your zip code choices, how can you find an apartment with flexible leasing terms?

These are all perfectly normal questions to have when you’re in the process of moving — especially if the move is work-related. Housing costs, lease lengths, and bulk housing options are essential when following corporate restrictions.

This guide will take you through the most popular neighborhoods of Atlanta, what to expect, and how to find the best-furnished rentals.


What Neighborhoods Are In-Demand?

The housing market in Atlanta is soaring as the city becomes the place to visit, live, and work.

For people looking for apartments, this means you have an excellent chance of ending up in a good neighborhood. The only problem is finding the one you want out of the many in-demand places dotted throughout the city.

Around Atlanta, you’ll hear these two common phrases and their acronyms:

Inside the perimeter (ITP) and outside the perimeter (OTP).

Inside the perimeter refers to Atlanta’s city limits, while outside the perimeter indicates the suburbs.

Top Neighborhoods in Atlanta and the Surrounding Areas

To give you a better idea of your choices, we’ve broken down the most coveted places to live in and around Atlanta by the industries they cater to.

Business Professionals

The category of business professionals includes a diverse demographic. If you’re in Atlanta primarily for business reasons, North Druid Hills or Atlantic Station should have everything you need.

These neighborhoods are predominantly extended stay rentals occupied by young professionals, with and without children.

You’ll find plenty of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to hang out after hours or hold business meetings. Lenox Square and Northeast Plaza are famous shopping centers.

For families, North Druid Hills offers multiple parks and above-average schools.

Atlantic Station is comparable to North Druid Hills but with an even more urban atmosphere. In the heart of Westside Atlanta, this neighborhood has highly-rated schools, prestigious shopping centers, and a mix of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Sports and Athletic Professionals

Every professional and semi-professional sport is represented in Atlanta. It’s no surprise that those connected to this industry look for upscale, convenient neighborhoods to live in while they’re in the area. One of the most attractive communities to the professional sports industry is Buckhead.

Buckhead lies inside the perimeter of Atlanta and connects to Midtown via historic Peachtree St. It’s often referred to as the Beverly Hills of the South because it’s populated by people in million-dollar homes. There are plenty of rental opportunities, as well, though.

Choosing this neighborhood as your temporary home places you near many sports complexes, but that’s not all. Fine dining, cultural entertainment options, high-quality schools, and family-friendly amenities are also nearby.

Rentals include:

  • Modern condos
  • Single-family homes
  • Large estates



LA may be the West Coast’s happening place for celebrities, but Atlanta is where the stars are at when they’re on the East side.

As the newest production hub for movies and TV series, Atlanta provides temporary workforce housing for entire crews.

Because shooting films is never an exact science, these teams must have flexible housing arrangements and often prefer to stay in Buckhead or Castleberry Hill.

You’ll find celeb sightings are common in both places, but Castleberry Hill got its big break at the start of the hit series The Walking Dead. Now, it’s an upscale indie arts area popular with film crews looking for eclectic lofts and galleries.

Students, Healthcare Workers, and Affordable Living Seekers

The Old Fourth Ward is the newest community for those looking for affordable, flexible living. Situated east of Downtown and south of Midtown, the recent renovation of the Beltline has made this area come alive again.

The neighborhood is full of pedestrian-friendly dining, shopping, and commuting. Its convenient location, only a few miles from the city’s university and medical centers, makes it attractive to students, faculty, and healthcare workers.

While Old Fourth Ward is modernizing, the focus remains on the traditional heritage of its past using architecture like gables and assorted columns.

It was the go-to place to live in the 19th century for the affluent society and home to a young Martin Luther King, Jr. Today’s atmosphere is a strategic focus on contemporary mixed with authenticity.

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How Can I Make Multiple Employee Moves Affordable?

Relocating an employee for work-related purposes is a comprehensive job full of fine details. In other words, it’s doable but full of potential headaches and expenses. Relocating multiple employees compounds that stress.

However, working with companies specializing in the corporate moving industry makes the job easier for you. They know how to streamline the steps to get to your goal efficiently. As a bonus, they typically offer their services at a discount for multiple moves to the same area.

Companies That Help Move Corporate Workers

Before comparing moving companies and paying rental application fees, check out these providers. They’re well-known experts in the relocation industry with corporate discounts for qualifying businesses.

United Van Lines

As a moving company, United Van Lines provides customized relocation plans for business needs of all sizes. Whether you’re moving your entire company or just a few employees, United has packing and storage programs to make the job easier.

TRC Global Mobility

If your employees are selling their home and purchasing one in their new location, the costs that go along with the mortgage approval add up. TRG Global Mobility helps reduce some of this expense by offering financial assistance to relocating staff.

Travelers Haven

Scouring through workforce housing rental properties to find the perfect homes for your staff — plus paying application fees — is costly. Travelers Haven does it all for you. All you have to do is tell the team what you’re looking for, and they create customized rentals for each employee.

Even better?

They bundle rent and utilities, so your one monthly payment includes everything.

The convenience of working with companies that know how to handle corporate moves is priceless. Let the experts take care of the logistics so you can focus on the other critical tasks on your agenda.

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What Kind of Workforce Housing is Available in Atlanta?

Because of the massive boom in population, developments geared toward nomadic living are spreading all over the map. From Peachtree to Piedmont, expansion is everywhere.

One of the primary movers and shakers is the entertainment industry. Film crews have a strong presence in Atlanta. This exciting shift means that the production companies must handle housing for entire teams in town.

Those who don’t want to live in the city can rent nearby in small-town and rural Georgia while making their shows. Workforce housing for these teams includes everything from studio apartments to luxurious townhomes.

The Booming Workforce Population Needs Somewhere to Stay

This increase in population and homes brings in more industries with it. Construction workers must be in the city long enough to build houses and developments.

Healthcare workers are vital parts of a thriving urban center. Business is on the rise, and national and international business travelers can be in the area for months.

Like you and your team, all these people would prefer a home away from home, not a long-term hotel. Travelers Haven is the connection between your company and Atlanta’s best flexible leasing arrangements.

As an expert in the industry, Travelers Haven has a network of connections already established. They use this network to get your workers the accommodations that make them feel welcome while still staying within your budget.

With Travelers Haven, you list the amenities you want, and our team will put together a list of short-term homes and apartments for rent that has them all.

Some of the most common requests include:

  • Two or three-bedroom apartments
  • Single-family accommodations with a minimum sq ft requirement
  • Pet-friendly homes
  • Unit washer and dryer access
  • Fitness center access
  • Air conditioning/heat
  • Walk-in closets
  • Hardwood floors

Furnishings, utensils, and utilities like WiFi are part of the package, too. Nothing is too big or too small for your Travelers Haven team to include because every detail is important to the renters living there.

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Why is Everyone Moving to Atlanta, Georgia?

When you started researching the move to Atlanta, you may have expected it to be hard to find a rental property. It’s a pleasant surprise to see that the city’s bustling industrial district has brought so much residential growth with it.

The area’s consistently beautiful climate started attracting people decades ago. As businesses grew, job opportunities in Atlanta rose, and the city’s diversity brought in people from all over the world.

Atlanta is Still on the Rise

In 2020, Atlanta’s population was around 530,000 people, with a growth rate of 1.65% annually. Yet, Metro Atlanta statistics show a bigger picture of this story.

Metro ATL, the ninth-largest metro area in the United States, holds 29 counties with over six million people living there. This statistic places Metro ATL as the third-fastest growing metropolitan city, at 15% growth on average per year, in the nation.

What’s driving people to this area?

If you ask most people, they’ll likely tell you the same answer: job opportunities.

Job Opportunity Growth in Atlanta

Atlanta stands on its own as one of the major cities in the country, and it’s easy to see why. Fortune 500 companies like UPS and Delta have a home base there, and Coca-Cola got its start in downtown Atlanta in 1892. These companies provide thousands of jobs to the local economy.

The city brings in outside workers, too. Atlanta is a hub of supply chain connections because transporters can get to almost anywhere in the country within a two-day drive. This “prime” location has caught the attention of retail giant Amazon, who chose Atlanta as the site to launch its newest product.

International travel via Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is another reason for the city’s popularity. As the number one international airport in the world, ATL has been the central point for thousands of startups to successfully thrive.

Now that Tyler Perry Studios has cemented the entertainment industry firmly in Atlanta, we can only expect the city to continue to grow. Sports events, fintech businesses, and construction are right behind the celebrity spotlight.

Tourists, long-term residents, and nomadic workers flock to Atlanta in droves. For those looking for furnished apartments, the opportunities are there, but they’re also in demand.

Expert companies like Travelers Haven can help you find that perfect temporary lodging home away from home.

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Atlanta has been the business world’s best-kept secret for years. Today, we know this Georgia city is more than peaches and country living — it plays an essential role in every industry, including yours.

When you need to send your staff to this bustling metropolitan city, you don’t have to do the digging through 29 counties yourself.

Hand the job over to Travelers Haven, and tell them everything you want for that next temporary furnished apartment. Pinpoint your preferred location, whether it’s Decatur, Lindbergh, or in between.

They’ll give you a list of your choices, including the floor plans and amenities. You select what you want, and they make it happen. As they say in show business, “That’s all, folks.”

Yes, working with Travelers Haven to find corporate housing in Atlanta is that easy.