Within the world of corporate housing, hundreds of factors make each lodging situation unique. Someone has to meet these demands, which means you will find many services offering to help you find your next apartment corporate lease.

If you’ve been booking business rentals on your own, you know it’s a complex task. The process involves a lot of time-consuming macro and micro details from start to finish.

You’re a busy enough person already. Handling corporate lease rentals is one more thing on top of your ever-growing pile.

What if you could hand the reins of this job over to someone else?

With so many experts ready and willing to do the heavy lifting for you, it makes smart business sense to hire a service.

You may still be on the fence about letting someone else tackle the corporate housing sector of your role. It’s an important undertaking for everyone involved.

Here are some convincing reasons why using a service could be the best decision you make.


1. You’ll Save Time Letting a Service Do the Work


A corporate lease provides employees with a temporary home for an extended duration.

The process is more complex than booking a hotel.

With hotels, you know your staff will have someone on-site to help them with problems, and it includes the essentials (like utilities).

Setting your team up in an apartment requires you to do the legwork.

That said, there are many advantages to putting your team in apartments.

Whether you hire a service or put in the extra effort yourself, it can pay off.


Finding Homes That Meet Your Standards


Imagine shopping for your own apartment, and you’re planning on living there for at least a few months.

What would you need and want?

Chances are, your standards would be pretty high — and they should be.

Similar standards apply to the workforce housing you’re trying to find for your staff. This will be their home while they’re on the road, and it should be welcoming and convenient.

To meet those goals, look for:

  • A high-quality home in a suitable location near the job
  • Comfortable, durable, clean furniture
  • Decor that matches the occupant’s personality
  • An all-inclusive setup that provides things like a washer/dryer, cooking utensils, and all the necessities of daily living
  • Reliable utility services that you can turn on and off without a hassle
  • Nearby amenities (grocery stores, fitness centers, shopping malls, restaurants, nightlife, etc.)
  • Pet-friendly options
  • Walking distance options, if necessary

If you’ve looked for a long-term rental recently, you know it can be challenging to find a place with all these features.

Searching for flexible lease terms in short-term stays (that allow extended periods if necessary) can feel like Mission: Impossible.


Workforce Housing Services Have a Plan


It’s easier for you to do your job than it would be for a person inexperienced in your field. In the same way, travel experts have streamlined finding ideal short-term corporate rentals. Travelers Haven is expanding on this streamlined process by filling the gap of underserved workers by providing unique solutions we call “workforce housing on-demand.”

Workforce housing experts like Travelers Haven have a network of property management connections. They know how to find the proverbial needle in a haystack that you might spend valuable hours searching for and never find.

Instead of adding frustration to your workload, you’ll save internal resources and get better results when you let a professional service do this task.


How Travelers Haven Takes This Role Up a Notch


Any short-term rental service can find you decent housing options.

Travelers Haven takes the role to the next level with conveniences only they provide, such as:

  • Bundled billing of all the home’s utilities into one payment, letting you avoid individual expenses for rent, cable TV, etc.
  • Assigning you a personal team to find all the nuances that turn a house into a home
  • Narrowing down your preferred location to a pinpoint vicinity (whether it’s San Francisco or San Jose)

Travelers Haven uses the tenant’s preferences to customize temporary housing into their new home. No other service goes quite so in detail to ensure client satisfaction.

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2. Experts Improve the Value of Your Dollar


You’re looking for a furnished home, within your budget, in a specific area. You might think this doesn’t leave you a lot of cushion for amenities.

Services consider all the details that you might assume are out of reach, and they include them as part of the package.

Think about hiring a workforce housing service as being like working with a realtor when you buy a house. The realtor is the experienced expert who ensures you get the best deal possible and don’t miss out on aspects you could be entitled to.

Corporate leasing experts do the same for renters like you. They listen to your request, then point out suggestions you may have overlooked.

Don’t waste your time on applications for corporate apartment rentals that won’t match your needs (or aren’t legitimate). Save yourself the energy and resources and let a service take care of the problem for your business travelers.

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3. Services Have Connections You Don’t

You have a network of individuals and other businesses you regularly use to provide specific goods or services in your job.

A corporate rental service works the same way. Years of experience connecting tenants to temporary homes means relationships with businesses that are integral to every moving process.

For example, Travelers Haven has a professional network that includes:

  • Property owners with various real estate options
  • Utility companies
  • Furniture stores
  • Background check services
  • Houseware and decor providers

The extensive list of vendors allows Travelers Haven to widen their reach to more than 19,000 cities, towns, and villages in the United States. Because of how our system works, we have a nearly limitless inventory selection available at low market rates.

You provide your requests to the dedicated Travelers Haven team working with you, and we use our network to make it happen.

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4. You Don’t Have to Deal With the Legalese


What’s involved in a corporate lease?

If you’re not a lawyer, the legal language in a workforce contract can get complicated. You don’t want to get stuck paying for expenses you weren’t expecting when your travelers move out.

A lease binds two parties (the tenant and landlord) together under specified rights and expectations. The tenant is given the right to live in the designated rental unit for a fixed time, and the landlord is compensated.

Leases are usually signed in six or twelve-month terms.

Workforce housing uses rental agreements to get around these binding, lengthy contracts.


Short-Term Rental Agreements Vs. Leases


Rental agreements give tenants short-term stay options, such as 30, 60, or 90 days. The contract can be extended on an as-needed basis, provided the terms are included in the document.

Property managers for short-term rentals are aware that they need to be flexible for early or extended stays. They also know that sometimes their housing will be in-demand, and other times, it will be empty.

The same idea applies to Airbnb and VRBO rentals. Landlords often charge more during peak times and less when the housing unit would typically sit empty.

You can negotiate terms in the rental agreement such as:

  • Monthly rates
  • Early termination penalties
  • Deposits
  • Utilities (what they include, whose name they are in, who pays for the deposits, etc.)

Rental and travel experts can save you a lot of upfront and backend costs by negotiating the terms in the lease agreement before signing.

It’s a lot of hassle, which is why a workforce housing booking service like Travelers Haven more than pays for itself.

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5. Travelers Haven Turns Your Corporate Rental Into a Home

Deciding to give this critical task to someone else makes a lot of sense now that you know all the finer details involved.

The next question is which service to use for your workforce housing. Travelers Haven is the go-to choice for thousands of businesses that regularly use corporate apartment rentals.

Why is Travelers Haven so popular with its loyal customers?

Take a glance at the features we offer, and you’ll see for yourself how we stand out from the competition.


A League of Our Own


Some services do the basics, which still saves you time and money. Yet, Travelers Haven goes beyond basic and into an entirely new league.

Our company takes a unique approach to the problem of nomadic housing.

We match tenants to their temporary dream homes while focusing on cost-effective, simple terms.


Here’s How Travelers Haven Workforce Housing Works


When you’re ready to book your travelers into a month-to-month lease with Travelers Haven, it just takes a few details to get started. You’ll fill out the basic inquiry form with your name and contact info.

Let us know your preferred move-in and-out dates, budget, destination, and how many bedrooms you need. Then, we’ll reach out to chat with you and get personalized details.

Your designated team will check in to confirm the details. Like finding out if you really need a three-bedroom apartment or if a two-bedroom in the same price range would work.

We’ll answer your questions, ask a few of our own to make sure we find your perfect home, and then start our search. The entire process takes minutes.


The Search is On


Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll use our knowledge base and network to find housing that caters to your requests. We list the best options that match your criteria and send them over to you.

You decide which rentals you’re interested in learning more about, and we get the rest of the details in your hands. As soon as you pick your business traveler’s future home, we make the arrangements.

You don’t have to lift a finger to hook up high-speed internet, buy linens, or prepare your executive rentals for move-in. Travelers Haven does it all for you, complete with bundled billing and move-out processes.

We’ll stay focused on the rental necessities so you can keep your sights set on running your business.

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Moving into a new home is an involved process, especially when done frequently, as is the case for nomadic workers. Finding, setting up, and taking down short-term rental property is one more massive challenge.

Let Travelers Haven handle things instead of tackling this obstacle on your own every time your workers are on their next business trip. What’s a headache for you is all in a day’s work for us.

It’ll only take putting one apartment corporate lease project into our hands to show you what a wise financial decision you made. It’s why we have so many loyal clients.

Ready to get started?

Travelers Haven is here for your future short-term rental planning needs. Let us take the reins on what we do best and free you up to do the essential things only you can do.