The city’s demographics are booming, and Augusta furnished apartments are in-demand.

The city’s demographics are booming, and Augusta furnished apartments are in-demand.

Augusta has plenty of industries and attractions that bring people from all over the world to its borders. Since it’s a short two-hour drive from the international hub of Atlanta, it’s the ideal place for nomadic workers.

If your job or life circumstance has you staying in Augusta for a few weeks or longer, it can be challenging to find temporary housing options. Challenging, but not impossible.

Workforce housing is the solution for operations people, healthcare workers, sports teams, disaster crews, entertainers, and more.

Lodging specialists in the workforce housing sector can provide you with the resources you need to make your short stint of relocating a breeze.

This guide will help you understand what’s going on in Augusta, learn to recognize the locations and surroundings and find your next apartment community.


What’s Bringing Everyone to Augusta, GA?

2021’s census data showed a massive boom in Georgia. More than one million people moved to the state within a year, and many of them chose Augusta as their new home.

Augusta lies in Richmond County, where the growth rate has been steady at 3% over the last decade. The neighboring county, Columbia, is less than 20 miles from Augusta and boasts the fourth-largest population increase in the state — 25.8%.

Because of the growth in these two counties, industries like real estate have evolved substantially.


Why is Housing in Such High Demand?

What’s causing this population increase, anyway?

Yes, popular businesses and industries are bringing in new jobs in Augusta and the surrounding areas. They wouldn’t be coming if there wasn’t a solid population base already in place, though.

Come for Atlanta, Stay in Augusta

Part of the reason Augusta is growing is the residual of Atlanta’s industrial rise. As people set their sights on the big city and its diverse attractions, it makes sense that they look for nearby places that aren’t in the heart of Atlanta.

Augusta is close enough to benefit from the city’s infrastructure without being in the midst of it all.

The growing economy and job market attract those of all ages, but it’s the neighborhoods with good schools and low crime rates that bring in families.

Rental Needs Increase as Real Estate Prices Rise

The impact on real estate and rentals in these areas is hard to ignore. Trends in the market in 2022 show median listing home prices are rising, up 19% from the previous year.

Thousands of new residents who can’t afford to buy a house at these climbing rates, or those who are looking for something temporary, avoid buying. They focus on finding homes and apartments for rent.

The increasing need for unfurnished and furnished rentals, including workforce housing, is changing the real estate market in these high-demand areas.

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What Are the Top Attractions, Amenities, and In-Demand Neighborhoods for Rentals?

Every big city has attractions you shouldn’t miss. During your stay in Augusta, you may get to enjoy some of those “must-see” places.

Learning about them is more than entertainment for you. Big draws can impact the housing market in an area and make it hard to find available affordable rentals.

What types of places should you be aware of in your search for your next short-term furnished apartment?

Here are some of Augusta’s top attractions, amenities, and neighborhoods.

Attractions and Amenities

Augusta is the second oldest and largest city in the state; established in 1736 by Georgia’s famed General James Edward Oglethorpe.

This prestigious title means the area is full of history and iconic architecture. Yet, the past decade’s population increase has brought an updated evolution.

Now, modern restaurants, skyscrapers, and museums complement Augusta’s history. You’ll find improv theaters, cultural art, and music centers, outdoor adventuring opportunities, and sports establishments.

Visitors and residents flock to the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area for fresh air and hiking trails. The Riverwalk is famous for its scenic views and quaint shopping. As someone living in the city limits, though, you want more than the tourist attractions.

Local Facilities, Venues, and Happening Events

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a parent looking for kid-friendly events, you want to know what’s going on in the community regularly.

Augusta is full of happening events, like weekend markets along the river and annual festivals. The calendar of things to do is constantly changing, and you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied in your downtime.

Venues like the Miller Theater host live music. Augusta Common is the setting for frequent outdoor gatherings, or plan your own at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park.

Facilities for public use include multiple parks, soccer fields, libraries, boat ramps, and community centers. In general, if you need it, Augusta likely has it.

In-Demand Neighborhoods

Where does everyone who lives in Augusta wish they could live?

Those in-demand neighborhoods could have the rental you’re looking for.

According to the widely used resource, these are the top five places to live in or near Augusta*:

  • Evans (a suburb of Augusta)
  • Martinez (a suburb of Augusta)
  • North Augusta (located just across the border in South Carolina)
  • Aiken (a suburb also over the border in South Carolina)
  • Grovetown (a suburb of Augusta)

Rentals and homes in these locations are a safe bet, which is essential when you’re coming into a new area and hoping your home is in a good neighborhood.

When you decide on a possible rental, use Niche or something similar to verify the location to give yourself more peace of mind. You can get more details if you know the specific address, not just the zip code.

For example, Augusta, GA 30907 spreads across dozens of neighborhoods over a five-mile radius, so a search for homes in the area will be vague.

*Based on low crime rates, nearby conveniences, and good schools.

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How Do I Narrow Down My Apartment Search?

Let’s face it — Augusta is a large city. If you don’t already have a destination in mind, the search for “rentals in Augusta” will bring you a lot of unnecessary results.

To begin, you’ll need a rental website you can trust. With so many scams out there, this isn’t as easy as typing some keywords in a search engine.

When you find a reputable rental website, it should have a filter option. Use the available filters to weed out homes that don’t fit your essentials.

If you’re not sure what to include, here are a few common factors to consider:


Does your home have to be within a certain distance of a particular building or site?


Do you have a tight budget you’re sticking to or a Basic Housing Allowance to work with?

Floor Plans

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are non-negotiable? Is square footage (sq ft, in property terms) important?


Is a fitness center a must? Do you want it furnished with a washer and dryer? Air conditioning and heat? Does it need to be pet-friendly?

The answers to these questions will knock some rentals out of the running. You may not be able to look for three-bedroom apartments with a walk-in closet until you check the apartment complex’s website, but you won’t be searching through completely unsuitable homes.

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Who are My Convenience, Emergency, and Utility Services?

You’ll have a variety of service providers available to you, depending on where your apartment is. You’re in a big city, and everything you could need is at your fingertips — a click away on your smartphone.

Getting Familiar With the Providers

Food and grocery delivery, internet service providers, and utility companies vary by neighborhood. If convenience and good service are factors in your apartment search, this section will help you narrow your options.

Food and Groceries

You can be sure that you’ll have plenty of delivery options in any residential neighborhood. For example, in North Augusta, grocery stores like Kroger, Food Lion, Publix, and Aldi are nearby. Instacart and Postmates will deliver from any of these shops.

Restaurants abound in the city, too. Augusta is a special stop on the map for foodies because of its diverse selection of mouthwatering delights. You’ll have no trouble finding something for everyone with so many culinary options — make it a goal to try every unique place!

Need food delivered?

DoorDash boasts over 200 restaurants in the Augusta area, and Uber Eats delivers from nearly 100 places.

Emergency Services

Richmond County operates under the 911 emergency system. This makes it easy to know who to call if you’re dealing with a fire, break-in, or other urgent situation.

You can find other crucial numbers to keep on your refrigerator on the county’s official website (e.g., Georgia’s Poison Control Center, local hospitals, and the Public Health Department).

Utility Services

Unlike some cities where one cable provider has a monopoly on the industry, Richmond County gives you options. You can choose from the variety of local internet and cable service providers available in the neighborhood you’re looking into. If you have a specific provider you’re deadset on, check the map to ensure they cover the area of your potential rental.

As for electricity, Georgia Power services most of Richmond County, though you may also see Jefferson Energy Cooperative and Planter’s Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) in your apartment hunt.

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How Can Travelers Haven Make My Search Easier?

Finding a short-term furnished apartment in Augusta is much easier when you have help. Let an expert in creating customized workforce housing experiences, like Travelers Haven, do the hard parts for you.

Travelers Haven is a company that specializes in finding temporary lodging on demand. You supply the criteria for your ideal home, and your Travelers Haven team finds you the rental that meets your needs.

To get started in your partnership with us, you fill out a form online that goes over the basic information.

After a quick phone call to confirm some details, you’ll be assigned a housing specialist team. They’ll work with you to individualize your rental needs and answer your questions.

The Advantages of Letting Travelers Haven Do the Work

When you work with Travelers Haven, you have access to a network of rentals that the average renter doesn’t. We contract with rental complexes, utility companies, furniture providers, and everyone necessary to customize the client’s home.

On top of this advantage, you’ll also appreciate the time- and stress-saving conveniences, like:

Simplified Budgeting

We set up and disconnect the utilities, handle the billing arrangements, and compile all the lodging expenses into one payment for you. If necessary, we’ll also work within your per diem capped amount or BAH.

Value-Added Resource

Instead of spending hours tracking down a rental, checking it out, and handling the moving details, Travelers Haven does the work for you.

What could you be doing with all that time on your hands?

Money-Saving Processes

Moving into a new home can be full of extra expenses, like buying or transporting furniture and appliances.

Our extended network provides you with everything you need, personalized for your tastes. This will significantly reduce your moving costs.

Customized Decisions

Is there a particular neighborhood you’re interested in or a school district requirement? Do you prefer a townhome over an apartment home? Hardwood floors or carpet? What colors and design styles are your go-to theme?

We incorporate all these choices and more into your rental home by using on-demand inventory. You’ll get discounted corporate housing rates along with high-quality living spaces.

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Moving to a big city like Augusta, GA is full of exciting challenges. There’s so much to do and see and so many potential rentals to sift through.

Make the process easier by letting Travelers Haven find your customizable short-term housing.

Use the extra free time on your hands to get ready for where life is taking you next, and start checking out everything your new hometown has to offer.